High School Democrats of America

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High School Democrats of America
Chairman Jason Lam
Founded 2005 (national)
Headquarters None
Mother party Democratic Party
Website High School Democrats of America Website

The High School Democrats of America, (HSDA) is a youth-based political organization that serves as the entry point to Democratic politics for young activists nationwide. Across the country, the organization and its members work at the national, state, and local levels to engage and mobilize members to be active in the political process.

Formerly part of the Young Democrats of America[1][2] the members of the High School Democrats of America represents high school students at all levels of the Democratic Party.[3]

Although State Chapters for the organization and idea existed long beforehand, the High School Democrats of America itself was founded in December 2005, by Ahmed Kokon (NY) and Jonathan Padilla (CA). The High School Democrats of America is headed by an Executive Board, consisting of 5 National Officers, and a National Committee consisting of two representatives from individual states, territories, and the District of Columbia. The Executive Board also employs a group of volunteer staff, ranging from Financial Directors to Political Advisors. The organization is involved in a number of projects, including a Huffington Post blogging project and a separate publishing opportunity through The Progressive Teen. Both projects are aimed at inspiring political discourse and offering members the opportunity to voice their opinions important civic issues in a highly-visible setting. The organization has also proved instrumental and necessary in several campaigns across the country, including the election of Joseph Donnelly and Elizabeth Warren to the US Senate, as well as the notable election of President Barack H. Obama in 2008.

In June 2014, the High School Democrats of America formally ended its affiliation with the Young Democrats of America, and ceased function as the Young Democrats of America's High School Caucus. With the change, the position of National Parliamentarian became Development Director that served as Parliamentarian both dissolving disputes and presiding over elections. They held their first national conference, the HSDA Strategic Summit, in Washington D.C. during July 2015.

The organization has taken stances on important issues throughout the political spectrum, but has been recently focused on student loan reform, immigration reform, and gun control.

In June 2018 the organization met for its 3rd Annual Strategic Summit in Washington, D.C., where it elected its 2018-2019 national leadership and trained over 100 high school activists.

The 2018-2019 Executive Board is as follows: ·Chairman: Jason Lam ·Vice Chairwoman: Ariana Smartt ·Vice Chairman: Talat Aman ·Communications Director: Brennan Leach ·Programs Director: Haritha Kumar ·Development Director: Anne Austin

After a school shooting in February 2018, the SDA began to more strongly advocate for stronger gun control.

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