High School Rapper (season 1)

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High School Rapper
Season 1
Country of originSouth Korean
No. of episodes8
Original networkMnet
Original releaseFebruary 10 (2017-02-10) –
March 31, 2017 (2017-03-31)
Season chronology
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Season 2

High School Rapper (Hangul: 고등래퍼) is a 2017 South Korean survival hip hop TV show. It aired on Mnet starting February 10, 2017 and was hosted by Jeong Jun-ha and Haha.[1] In March, 2017, it was confirmed by Mnet that the show will have a second season.[2]

Korean Name
Revised Romanizationgodeung raepeo
McCune–Reischauerkodŭng raep'ŏ

Season overview[edit]


Preliminary round – events[edit]

From episode 1 to episode 3 preliminary round was on air. High school students from six areas participated in the preliminary round. Only ten students survived in each area.

  • Controversy over participant's personality: There was controversy over personality from the first episode. Jang Yong-jun was at the center of the controversy. Jang Yong-jun got compliment from mentors for showing extraordinary rap skills, especially Swings at episode 1. However the next day, his improper behavior as a student (prostitution and drinking) was widely broadcast over the media. Also, being known that he is a son of politician Jang Jae-won, he resigned from the program.
  • Middle school rapper Shin Yo-chan: Although Shin Yo-chan appeared at episode 3 for a short time, he is known to have made a strong impression. He suddenly appeared in the stage and said "I came here to see which rappers are running wild in this area." He age was only 15. He showed the audience funny rap and made many people laugh out loud. At last, he announced that he would participate in another rap competition program "Show me the Money 6" and many people are looking forward to advance of his rap skill.
  • Participation of Kim Dong-hyun, Mark Lee: Participation of Kim Dong-hyun, Mark Lee drew much interest even before "High school Rapper" aired. Known as popular entertainers/idols rather than a rapper, people found it interesting to evaluate their rap skills under the same conditions of other rappers. Some people expected their ability to be overestimated because of their popularity. However, both of them survived from preliminary round.


Color key

  •   The contestant reached the regional competition
  •   The contestant reached the final round
# SeoulGangdong SeoulGangseo East Gyeongin West Gyeongin GwangjuJeolla BusanGyeongsang
1 Kim Sun-jae Yang Hong-won Choi Ha-min Kim Kyu-heon Choi Seo-hyun Jo Won-woo
2 Jo Min-wook Kim Yoon-ho Kim Kang-woo Shin Sang-ik Hwang In-woong Park Ka-ram
3 Bang Jae-min Park Hee-chan Yoon Byung-ho Oh Dam-ryul Park Sung-gon Lee Dong-min
4 Jang Yong-jun Shin Sang-ho Hwang Hyun-woo Park Go-hoon Kim Woo-hyun Woo Sang-woo
5 Lee Ji-eun Han Ji-suk Lee Soo-rin Kim Tae-yeob Lee Sin-haeng Hwang Hye-jung
6 Johny Kwony Mark Lee Choi Suk-hyun Kim Dong-hyun Park Min Sung Yong-hyun
7 Kim Sang Min Kim Jong-bum Kim Ha-on Kim Hye-jung Choi Yi-seung-woo Kim Jae-yeon
Lee Hyun-woo
8 Kim Sun-woo Lee Seung-pyo Choi Shin-hyun Oh Dong-hwan Lee Ki-hoon* Jung In-seol*
9 Park Uh-jin Kang Seung-wan Kim Mi-jung Kim Chan-soo Kim Joon Park Sang-bum

Cypher battle[edit]

Right after preliminary round, cypher battle mission was given to some contestants. Contestants from each area competed with each student who received the same grade from other areas. Contestants who won first, third, sixth place should compete in cypher battles. Contestants should create lyrics on the spot and show his/her rap with the beat that mentors offer.

  • 1st cypher:
  • contestant: Kim Sun-jae, Yang Hong-won, Choi Ha-min, Kim Kyu-heon, Choi Seo-hyun, Jo Won-woo
  • beat: Kid ink-Be real([1]), desiigner – panda([2])
  • winner: Choi Ha-min
  • 3rd cypher:
  • contestant:Bang Jae-min, Park Hee-chan, Yoon Byung-ho, Oh Dam-ryul, Park Sung-gon, Lee Dong-min
  • beat: Fetty wap-679([3])
  • winner: Oh Dam-ryul (Chin Chilla)
  • 6th cypher:
  • contestant: Johny, Mark Lee, Choi Suk-hyun, Kim Dong-hyun, Park Min, Sung Yong-hyun
  • beat: DJ Bob&Fabobeatz ft B-Will- Twerk 4 IT([4]), The Notorious B.I.G – Hypnotize([5])
  • winner: Choi Suk-hyun

1 vs 1 battle[edit]

At high school rapper episode 7, 1 vs 1 battle was on air. 100 audience voted to the rapper and loser dropped out.

A Result B
Kim Kyu-heon 81:19 Jung In-seol
Mark Lee 57:43 Bang Jae-min
Kim Sun-jae 53:47 Kim Yoon-ho
Kim Tae-yeob 11:89 Jo Won-woo
Kim Dong-hyun 31:69 Lee Dong-min
Yang Hong-won 56:44 Choi Ha-min


  1. Choi Ha-min (Osshun Gum)
  2. Jo Won-woo (H2ADIN)
  3. Kim Sun-jae (SNZAE)
  4. Lee Dong-min (RAPTO/ICE PUFF)
  5. Kim Kyu-heon (HUNNYHUNNA)
  6. Mark Lee

Track listing[edit]

Regional competition[edit]

Highschool Rapper Regional Competition, Pt. 1
1."Seoul Caliber" (서울구경)Deepflow, Jo Won-woo (H2ADIN), Jung In-seol (JISSCLASS) & Lee Dong-min (RAPTO)3:00
2."Jinttobaegi" (진또배기)YDG, Choi Seo-hyun (CHOI), Hwang In-woong (YoungW), Lee Ki-hoon (EVIL)03:20
Total length:06:20
Highschool Rapper Regional Competition, Pt. 2
1."I'm Good"Jessi & Kim Dong-hyun (MC Gree)03:00
2."Bully"Mad Clown & Kim Sun-jae03:34
3."Bunzi"Giriboy, Xitsuh & Yang Hong-won (Young B)03:50
4."Naw Mean"Swings & Choi Ha-min (Osshun Gum)03:40
Total length:14:04


Highschool Rapper FINAL
1."The Boy with Glory"Lee Dong-min (RAPTO) feat. Don Mills & G203:44
2."Bell"Kim Sun-jae feat. Hyolyn03:28
3."Star"Kim Kyu-heon feat. Jessi & Babylon04:19
4."Drop"Mark feat. Seulgi02:57
5."Come for you"Choi Ha-min (Osshun Gum) feat. Homeboy & FNRL03:51
6."Home"Jo Won-woo (H2ADIN) feat. Samuel Seo & Nucksal03:02
7."Better Man"Yang Hong-won (Young B) feat. Crucial Star04:06
8."Rhyme Travel"Yang Hong-won (Young B) feat. Tiger JK03:43
Total length:29:10

Chart performance[edit]

Title Peak chart
Sales Album
(Giriboy, Seo Chul-gu, Young B)
  • KOR: 135,486+[5]
Highschool Rapper Regional Competition, Pt. 2
"Come For You"
(Osshun Gum feat. HOMEBOY & FNRL.)
  • KOR: 205,837+[6]
Highschool Rapper FINAL
"Bell" (종)
(Kim Sun-jae feat. Hyolyn)
"Drop" (두고가)
(Mark feat. Seulgi)
"Better Man"
(Young B feat. Crucial Star)
"Home" (집)
(H2ADIN feat. Samuel Seo & Nucksal)
"Rhyme Travel"
(Young B feat. Tiger JK)
"—" denotes releases that did not chart or were not released in that territory.


Average TV viewership ratings
Ep. Original broadcast date Average audience share
Nielsen Korea
1 February 10, 2017 0.875% (38th)
2 February 17, 2017 1.169% (17th)
3 February 24, 2017 1.161% (16th)
4 March 3, 2017 1.154% (10th)
5 March 10, 2017 1.215% (19th)
6 March 17, 2017 1.044% (11th)
7 March 24, 2017 1.082% (32nd)
8 March 31, 2017 1.25% (28th)
In the table above, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings.


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