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Coordinates: 40°52′31″N 73°51′42″W / 40.87528°N 73.86167°W / 40.87528; -73.86167

Bronx High School for Writing and Communication Arts
800 East Gun Hill Road
The Bronx
New York, New York 10467
United States
School type Public high school
Established 2004
School board NYC DoE
School number X253
Principal Terri Grey
Grades 9–12
Gender M/F
Enrollment 417[1] (2011-03)

Bronx High School for Writing and Communication Arts is a public high school located in the New York City borough of The Bronx. The school is collocated with five other specialized high schools on the Evander Childs Educational Campus.


The school opened with a 9th-grade class in fall 2004 under Principal Steven Chernigoff. A grade level was added each year until 9th through 12th grades were offered in 2007.[2]

Student population[edit]

According to the NYC Department of Education, as of March 2011, the school had a total enrollment of 417 students, of which 60% were girls and 40% were boys. 6.47% of the students were English-language learners.[1][3]

Course Offerings[edit]

Partly due to the small size of the school, it only offers a minimal number of classes.

  • Mathematics: Algebra, Math A, Math B
  • Science: Living Environment, Earth Science, Chemistry
  • History: U.S History,Global History, Economics
  • Foreign Language: Spanish (The choice is not optional)
  • English: English 1–8, Journalism, English workshops
  • Physical Education and Health
  • Art
  • Technology


The school maintains a partnership with Epic Theater Center, a New York City-based theatrical company that also produces education programs.[2]

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