High Standard .22 Pistol

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High Standard Supermatic Trophy
Type Pistol
Place of origin  United States
Production history
Manufacturer High Standard Manufacturing Company
Weight 46 oz (empty)
Length 9.9 inches
Barrel length 5.5 inches
Height 5.5 inches

Caliber .22 LR
Action Single Action Semi-automatic
Muzzle velocity 920-1048 ft/s
Feed system 10 round box
Sights Forward blade, rear notch (adjustable) Drilled for scope

High Standard target pistols are manufactured in a variety of models in .22 Short and .22 Long Rifle chamberings for use in competition. One selling point is the similarity in grip angle and manual safety location to the M1911A1 series, a pistol common in service pistol competition.

A variant of the World War II-era High Standard target pistol was used as the basis for the High Standard HDM suppressed military model used by the Office of Strategic Services and later the US Military and Central Intelligence Agency.

High Standards Victor

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