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The High Steward of Colchester is a ceremonial office awarded by Colchester Borough Council, Essex, England.

The stewardship was established by royal charter of Charles I dated 9 July 1635.[1] The charter, naming all the officials and councillors of the Council, stipulated that:

"henceforth for ever there may be and shall be in the borough a High Steward to advise and direct the Mayor and Commonality in the chief business touching that borough which High Steward shall continue in the office of High Steward during his natural life."

The 1835 Municipal Corporation Act abolished most High Stewards and only allowed Colchester’s petition to retain a High Steward on condition that the wording of the Charter "...advise and direct..." be reduced to merely "...advise..."

The office has been vacant since the resignation of Ivor Crewe in July 2009.[1]

Office holders[edit]


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