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High Street (Chinese: 高街; pinyin: gāojiē; jyutping: gou1 gaai1) is a one-way street in Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong, available only to minibuses and private vehicles. It connects Bonham Road in the east and Pok Fu Lam Road in the west. It runs from east to west from Western St to Pok Fu Lam Road, and from west to east from Western Street to Bonham Road. It was originally named Fourth Street, but because the number four is commonly avoided in Chinese culture, the government changed the name to High Street.

High Street has over 1,400 apartments.


Other large apartment buildings include Hang Sing Mansion, Lai Ying Court, Wealth Building, Aspen Court, Cheong King Building, High House, Ko Chun Court, Ko Nga Court, Jade Court, and No 1 High Street.

Side roads and lanes[edit]

In addition to Western Street, High Street also crosses Centre Street, and Eastern Street. Between Centre and Eastern Streets there are two laneways for pedestrians, Leung I Fong down to Third Street, and West End Path up to Bonham Road.


Many small businesses line the central parts of High Street. There are 15 car mechanics, and nine tutors, two art schools and two music schools. There are also four cafés, two laundries, two pet suppliers, three restaurants, an art gallery, a security door manufacturer, a car retailer, an engineer, and audio technician, the Dragon Cake Bakery, a green grocer, a politicians office, an employment agent, a decoration shop, a clothes shop, a furniture shop, a hair and a beauty salon, a medicine shop, a florist, a builder, a curtain shop, a toy shop, a sign maker, a carpet shop, two electrical shops, a bonesetter, a metal worker, a hardware outlet, an airconditioning mechainic, a tyre shop and a printer.

Also there is the Immanuel Social Service Centre.

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