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High Tech Campus Eindhoven

The High Tech Campus Eindhoven is a high tech center and R&D ecosystem in the Dutch city of Eindhoven. The High Tech Campus houses more than 100 companies and institutions, comprising over 8,000 R&D-staff and entrepreneurs, and 50 nationalities.

One of the goals of the campus is to foster cooperation between companies and the free exchange of ideas in order to enhance technological and product development - which is why the campus can be considered to be a "business ecosystem". As such, the business model of the High Tech Campus Eindhoven is twofold: first, facilitate and support the R&D and product development processes of individual companies at the campus by providing access to shared resources (e.g. cleanrooms); and second, create an innovation community that enhances knowledge sharing and transfer among companies and their R&D staff.[1]

Origins and focus[edit]

The High Tech Campus was built on the terrain of the former NatLab, Philips primary R&D facility in Eindhoven. During its history Philips found that the most innovative projects were developed in those places (physical locations) where teams from different projects and different scientific disciplines interacted. The decision to open the grounds and facilities to other companies was based on the idea of Open Innovation, in which campus tenants share knowledge, expertise and R&D-facilities in order to improve their levels of innovation, development speed, quality and customer service.

The campus is open to all companies with a high tech signature, but the principal focus of the campus is in the technology areas of High Tech Systems, Microsystems, Embedded Systems, Life Sciences and Infotainment. From those areas, campus tenants develop products that include electronics, home environment innovations, and ultra-fine filtration systems using filters made with chip etching technology.

The campus hosts a mix of corporate research and publicly funded research institutions, as well as cooperative efforts (such as the Solar Alliance, a cooperation of ECN, TNO, the Holst Centre and the TU/e to do research into thin film solar cells).

In March 2012, Philips sold the High Tech Campus Eindhoven to the Chalet Group, a Dutch consortium of private investors led by Marcel Boekhoorn. Philips remains on the Campus as a tenant, but its status changed from owner/manager to resident.


High Tech Campus Eindhoven seen from the Genneper Parken

The High Tech Campus is located on the grounds of the old Philips NatLab. From there, it has inherited facilities such as laboratories, cleanrooms, test facilities. These facilities are shared by the tenants, which stimulates interaction between them. Companies on campus include Philips Research, Philips Applied Technologies, Atos Origin, Aquaver, FluXXion, Cytocentrics, NXP and Dalsa.

The campus is 1 km2 (0.39 sq mi) in size and includes 45,000 m2 (480,000 sq ft) of R&D facilities, 185,000 m2 (1,990,000 sq ft) office space, 6.000 m2 reserved for technology start-ups and 150,000 m2 (1,600,000 sq ft) of area open for (re)development. In inhabitants, the International Association of Science Parks rank the High Tech Campus in the top 17% of science parks. The campus generates half of the Netherlands' patent applications.

The campus is surrounded by the Eindhoven high tech industry. Companies very near the campus include ASML, FEI Company and VDL Groep. The Eindhoven University of Technology is only a few kilometers away. The campus is located in one of the most innovative R&D-regions in the European Union, the Eindhoven-Leuven-Aachen Triangle.

The campus is designed around a social hub known as The Strip. The Strip houses the campus conference center, restaurants and shops and is designed to allow people from different companies and fields to meet. This is reinforced by the seminars and conferences that are held in the conference center and by the joint sports facilities.

Major companies located at HTC[edit]

Within the site of the HTC some 100 companies and institutions have research and office facilities while some other major IT companies are located very close to the campus.

NXP Semiconductors have their HQ located on the campus and also the original founder/user of the site Philips Electronics still have research facilities there. Other well known names include:

But also a lot of smaller high-tech startups and facility providers and consultancy-firms[2]


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