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High Voltage Sounds is a music label and music promoting company run by Richard Cheetham who is based in Manchester.

Richard Cheetham[edit]

Cheetham set the company up as a small magazine from a basement in Pontefract, producing small booklets containing information on bands, more recently the magazines have contained the upcoming bands playing at Night & Day, the cafe which Richard has recently parted company with, feeling that it wasn't going to progress anywhere and was looking for a new challenge. Recently Richard has won award for his music and promoting young and new talent. This has been shown in his work at Night & Day arranging local young talent and some band which have gone on to success. Cherry Ghost being one of the most successful.


As of 2009 High Voltage have produced 21 records.

  • Two compilation albums featuring a range of bands, some to release singles with High Voltage
  • 18 singles, the most popular band being The KBC, of which Richard Cheetham was their manager for a number of years.
  • One small album by The Maple State, managed by Cheetham after the KBC containing 6 songs. One featured on a previous single.

The KBC[edit]

Whilst with Cheetham, the KBC released 4 singles and had a song on each of the compilation albums. During their time with High Voltage they worked on an album, although still with Cheetham, the album had been finished but due to difficulties concerning money the band and Cheetham went their separate ways, meaning they also parted company with High Voltage, the album never being released.

Maple State[edit]

Cheetham work with the Maple State and they first featured with High Voltage on the second compilation album Full Charge. After that they released two single and one mini-album, the album being the latest record released by High Voltage.

Since The Maple State[edit]

Cheetham has said he would like to get back into making records and on 21 November 2009 Richard had a brilliant review from The Guardian, stating that his work was fantastic and it takes a lot of talent to do what he is doing. Also on the store they have just released two limited edition t-shirts featuring high voltage logos, a step of venturing out from the music to further.

Deaf Institute[edit]

On 18 October and 27 November the Deaf Institute played host to two concerts arranged by Cheetham featuring bands for the local area. This is the step getting back into the records as he has stated that he would liked to start making records again.


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