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High society is a category of people deemed to have greater social status or prestige, and their related affiliations, social events and practices, which together define a group variously referred to as "Society" or high society.[1][2] Such groups are defined by certain key events and cultural affiliations which together identify members of this group and their typical interactions. Members of this group usually have some degree of status within society. This is usually based on greater wealth or affluence, but also may be based on various forms of cultural or political prominence or achievements.

Various specific affiliations and practices identify this group's typical interactions. For example, debutantes are individual members being presented for the first time in society. The Social Register is a key resource for identifying individuals within society in the United States. Such individuals receive media attention in various ways, such as the prominence of the jet set in popular culture in past decades.

Various groupings and arrangements have arisen which define such groups. For example, various social clubs were open to members based on certain assessments of their ranking and role within society, such as a gentlemen's club.

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