Higham Gobion Castle

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Higham Gobion Castle
Higham Gobion, Bedfordshire, England
Higham Gobion Castle is located in Bedfordshire
Higham Gobion Castle
Coordinates51°59′12″N 0°23′29″W / 51.9868°N 0.3914°W / 51.9868; -0.3914Coordinates: 51°59′12″N 0°23′29″W / 51.9868°N 0.3914°W / 51.9868; -0.3914
Grid referencegrid reference TL10563326
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Higham Gobion Castle was an 11th-century castle located in the village of Higham Gobion. Now it is part of the civil parish of Shillington, in the English county of Bedfordshire.

The castle was a timber motte and bailey fortress. Built by the Gobion family, from which the castle and neighboring town derive their name, sometime after the Norman Invasion of 1066. Built in a marshy site, it encompassed a large triangular area. A small motte was located within the triangle, and the site was defended by substantial ramparts.

The castle was located 3 miles from Pirton Castle, and 14 miles south of Bedford Castle.

Only earthworks remain at the site. Roman Antiquities, such as coins, millstone and cinerary urns have been discovered near the site.

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