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Highcrest Academy
Hatters Lane

, ,
HP13 7NQ

Coordinates51°37′46″N 0°43′32″W / 51.62943°N 0.72563°W / 51.62943; -0.72563Coordinates: 51°37′46″N 0°43′32″W / 51.62943°N 0.72563°W / 51.62943; -0.72563
SpecialistTechnology College
Department for Education URN136858 Tables
HeadteacherG Burke (previously Sheena Moynihan)[1]
Age11 to 18
Colour(s)Red & Black & White

Highcrest Academy, formerly known as Highcrest Community School and before that as Hatters Lane School, is situated on Hatters Lane Hill in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. It is currently led by the Headteacher Mr G Burke after Miss Sheena Moynihan turned the school around from being on the edge of closure. In November 2010 it was judged to be an 'outstanding' school by Ofsted. In July 2011 the school became an Academy and was renamed to reflect its new status.[2]

It is a mixed secondary school, which takes children from the age of 11 through to the age of 18.[3]

In September 2006 the school was designated by the Department for Education and Skills (DfES) as a specialist school in Technology.[4]

Highcrest Community School is one of several Buckinghamshire schools which host mobile phone masts. Contracts between Buckinghamshire County Council and various mobile phone operators generate an income of £145,000 per annum, of which about £59,000 comes from contracts for masts that are installed in schools.[5][6]


There are a total of 910 pupils at Highcrest Community School that is:

150 in year 7;

190 in year 8;

150 in year 9;

120 in year 10;

100 in year 11;

100 in year 12.

and, 100 in year 13


There are 85 members of staff at Highcrest.

55 of these teachers and 35 members of the support staff.


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