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Highdeal, a privately owned BSS software product company, was founded in 1996 in the R&D labs of France Télécom by a team including Eric Pillevesse and Serge Soudoplatoff, and officially spun off in the year 2000. Highdeal’s flagship product, Highdeal Transactive, is a service-agnostic modular software suite which enables rapid introduction of convergent services and price plans with multi-party billing and multi-party partner settlement. Highdeal Transactive can also be leveraged into existing billing systems and infrastructures as well as integrated with customer relationship management(CRM), enterprise resource planning(ERP), financials and third party systems.

Highdeal Transactive Features Include:

  • Pricing & Rating Capabilities
  • Real-Time Account Balance Management
  • Automated Partner Settlement
  • Billing, Customer Care & Accounts Receivable
  • Profit Simulation & Pricing Analytics
  • Connector Framework & Open APIs

The company’s headquarters reside in New York City and Paris, France with numerous satellite offices throughout the world. Currently, Highdeal has over 180 implementations in more than 50 countries with customers spanning all industries that need to adapt to the NGN environment such as finance, transportation & logistics, new media & publishing, mobile/wireless, broadband & on-demand services.

Highdeal was acquired by SAP in June 2009.

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