Higher Art of Rebellion

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Higher Art of Rebellion
Higher Art of Rebellion.jpg
Studio album by Agathodaimon
Released November 29, 1999
Genre Symphonic black metal, gothic metal
Length 62:29
Language English, Romanian
Label Nuclear Blast
Producer Mihai Coman, Vlad Dracul
Agathodaimon chronology
Blacken the Angel
(1998)Blacken the Angel1998
Higher Art of Rebellion
Chapter III
(2001)Chapter III2001

Higher Art of Rebellion is the second full-length studio album by the German symphonic black metal band Agathodaimon. In 2009 Metal Mind Productions reissued the album as a remastered digipak edition. The reissue is limited to numerated 2000 copies and was digitally remastered using 24-Bit process on golden disc. It also retains the 2 bonus tracks of the previously released limited edition version of the album.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Ne cheamă pămîntul" ("Earth Is Summoning Us") 05:36
2. "Tongue of Thorns" 04:36
3. "Glasul artei viitoare" ("Chant of Tomorrow's Art") 08:38
4. "When She Is Mute" 04:04
5. "A Death in Its Plenitude" 04:59
6. "Body of Clay" 05:03
7. "Novus Ordo Seclorum" ("New Order of the Ages") 06:05
8. "Back into the Shadows" 06:39
9. "Les posédes" ("The Possessed") 04:45
10. "Neovampirism" 06:12
11. "Heavens's Coffin" 05:09
Total length: 62:29
Limited edition bonus tracks
No. Title Length
12. "Ribbons/Requiem '99" 06:49
13. "Body of Clay" (remix) 04:29
Total length: 73:47
  • The 1 and 3 song titles are in Romanian, 7 is in Latin and 9 is in French, though a more correct form would be "Les Possédés".


  • Sathonys - guitars
  • Frank "Akaias" Nordmann - vocals
  • Christine Schulte - keyboards
  • Vlad Dracul - vocals, producer
  • Hyperion - guitars
  • Matze - drums
  • Marko Thomas - bass
  • Byron - guest vocals (clean)

Additional personnel and staff[edit]

  • Markus Staiger - executive producer
  • Gerald Axelrod - artwork
  • Mihai Coman - producer
  • Axel Jusseit - band photography

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