Higher Education Army Institute

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Higher Education Army Institute
Instituto de Educación Superior del Ejército
Type Public
Established 1986
Location Buenos Aires, Argentina
Campus Urban
Website www.iese.edu.ar

The Higher Education Army Institute (Spanish: Instituto de Educación Superior del Ejército. IESE) is an Argentine university founded in 1986 and officially in 1990 that belongs to the Argentine Army and which is responsible for the technical education of this force.


It was created on January 1, 1986 in order to coordinate all the activities of the different academic institutions of the Argentine Army.[1] It became a National University in 1990 by the Argentine Law 17.778.[2]


The Institute encompass three education organizations associated with the Argentine Army: The War Academy, The Higher Technical School, and The Military High School.

Since 1993 the University is open to non-military students.

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