Higher Institute for Applied Sciences and Technology

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Higher Institute for Applied Science and Technology (HIAST)
المعهد العالي للعلوم التطبيقية والتكنولوجيا
Established 1983
Type Public university
Director Maher Souleiman
Location Damascus, Syria
Publications Afkar
Website Official website

The Higher Institute for Applied Science and Technology (HIAST) (Arabic: المعهد العالي للعلوم التطبيقية والتكنولوجيا‎) is an engineering and technology institute in Damascus, Syria.

General Information[edit]

HIAST was established in 1983. Its aim is to qualify personnel in order to conduct scientific and technological research in all applied sciences and technology fields, so they can actively participate in the scientific and economic process in Syria. Engineering at HIAST forms the core of preparing specialized cadre. HIAST provides suitable opportunities to make progress in applied research fields by joining courses to be awarded the degree of specialized Diploma, Master and Doctorate.

HIAST offers the science cadre a distinguished specialized engineering training in order to achieve its planned targets. Its cadre plays a pioneering role in industry, services and academic activities. On the other hand, HIAST extends the scientific applications which it conducts in cooperation with several public and private bodies in Syria. It also executes joint projects at the regional and international levels to transfer technology and exchange experience.[1]

Nowadays, after realizing so many achievements and having a lot of experience, the target of HIAST has been oriented to the preparation of qualified personnel ready to do scientific and technological research. Based on this, HIAST is authorized to award high scientific degrees like:

  1. License in engineering.
  2. Specialized Diploma.
  3. Master and Doctorate.

HIAST is widely considered as the top institution in Syria , just brilliants students enter it, any way most of syrians consider that the quality of graduated students is excellent, HIAST is an independent academic institution considered as the best institution in Syria.

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