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The Higher Secondary School Certificate, also known as HSSC, is a public examination taken by students of Intermediate college (Junior college) in Bangladesh, Pakistan and in the states of Gujarat, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, Maharashtra and Goa in India. The examination structure differs from board to board. But in the most of the boards, they are subjective examinations. HSC is an equivalent to GCE A Level in England. Exams for this takes place twice a year in February-March and October-November.


In Pakistan, after finishing Matriculation in grade 9 and 10, the students 17 to 19 years in grade 11 and 12 take the Higher Secondary examination. The Higher Secondary School Certificate is subdivided in Science and non-Science programs. The students concentrating in Science programs are awarded Faculty in Science (F.Sc.) in which the students choice their Pre-Engineering, Pre-Medical and Computer Science Programe. The major subjects which are taken in science are Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics English and Computer Science while others are awarded Faculty in Arts (F.A.) certificate. The Higher Secondary Schools are Junior colleges or Intermediate colleges in Pakistan. These certificates are equivalent to the High school diploma in USA and to GCE A Level in England.

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