Higher Superstition

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Higher Superstition: The Academic Left and Its Quarrels with Science
Higher Superstition.jpg
Author Paul R. Gross and Norman Levitt
Country United States
Language English
Subject Philosophy of science
Published 1994 (Johns Hopkins University Press)
Media type Print
ISBN 0-8018-5707-4

Higher Superstition: The Academic Left and Its Quarrels with Science is a book by biologist Paul R. Gross and mathematician Norman Levitt, published in 1994.


Levitt states he is a leftist trying to save the "academic left" from itself by exposing misuses and abuses of science to advance political goals.


The book inspired the Sokal hoax, in which Alan Sokal published a bogus paper to a postmodernist journal that did not peer-review submissions.[1]

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