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This is a list of universities and colleges in Latvia. The accrediting body for universities and colleges in Latvia is the 'Council of Higher Education' (Augstākās izglītības padome).

Institutions are divided into 'first-level vocational schools or colleges' (pirmā līmeņa profesionālās izglītības iestādes jeb koledžas) and Augstskola, a Latvian language term roughly translated as 'high school' or 'higher school', which covers institutions generally referred to as universities or tertiary colleges in English. Each category is further subdivided as follows:


State universities (Valsts universitātes)[edit]

State colleges (Valsts augstskolas)[edit]

Non-university type colleges (Neuniversitātes tipa augstskolas)[edit]

Vocational schools and colleges[edit]

State colleges (Valsts koledžas)[edit]

EUSTI Latvia ( European Skill Training Institute ) Eiropas prasmju mācību centrs EUSTI

Colleges established with legal personality (Juridisko personu dibinātās koledžas)[edit]

Foreign university affiliates (Ārvalstu augstskolu filiāles)[edit]

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