Highfields Lake

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Highfields Lake
Location South Yorkshire, England
Coordinates 53°33′27″N 1°11′4″W / 53.55750°N 1.18444°W / 53.55750; -1.18444Coordinates: 53°33′27″N 1°11′4″W / 53.55750°N 1.18444°W / 53.55750; -1.18444
Basin countries United Kingdom

Highfields Lake is an ornamental lake in the Woodlands wildlife park at Highfields, north of Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England.

It is filled by the Pick Burn, which then flows on to presumably eventually join the River Don. The lake was originally built by the owners of Woodlands a country house which lent its name to Woodlands, the model village built for the miners of Brodsworth Colliery.

The lake now forms part of Woodlands wildlife park, run by Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council; whilst Woodlands is now a Social Club. There is an Indian Restaurant very close by, on the A638 Great North Road, on the site of a former petrol and service station.