Highland Chinantec language

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Highland Chinantec
Native toMexico
RegionOaxaca Highlands
Native speakers
(10,000 cited 1990–1998)[1]
  • Western Oto-Mangue
    • Oto-Pame–Chinantecan
  • Quiotepec Chinantec
  • Comaltepec Chinantec
  • Yolox Chinantec
Language codes
ISO 639-3Either:
chq – Quiotepec Chinantec
cco – Comaltepec Chinantec

Highland Chinantec is a Chinantecan language of Mexico, spoken in Comaltepec, San Juan Quiotepec, and surrounding towns in northern Oaxaca. It has a complex system of tone and vowel length compared to other Chinantec languages. The two principal varieties, Quiotepec and Comaltepec, have marginal mutual intelligibility. Yolox Chinantec is somewhat less divergent.


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