Highland Park Bridge

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Highland Park Bridge
USACE Lock and Dam 2 Allegheny.jpg
Coordinates40°29′21″N 79°54′43″W / 40.4891°N 79.9120°W / 40.4891; -79.9120Coordinates: 40°29′21″N 79°54′43″W / 40.4891°N 79.9120°W / 40.4891; -79.9120
Carries4 lanes of traffic
CrossesAllegheny River
LocalePittsburgh and Aspinwall
DesignTruss bridge
Longest span266 feet (81 m)
Clearance below50 feet (15 m)
DesignerSidney Shubin
Construction startNovember 6, 1937
OpenedJune 22, 1939

The Highland Park Bridge is a truss bridge that carries vehicular traffic across the Allegheny River between the Pittsburgh neighborhood of Highland Park and the suburb of Aspinwall. It replaced a much narrower 1902 streetcar bridge that was ill-equipped to handle heavy commuter traffic, as part of the process of suburbanization in the hills northeast of the city.


The bridge was designed by Sidney A. Shubin, chief bridge design engineer of Allegheny County, who also designed the South Tenth Street Bridge and Homestead High Level Bridge.[1] Construction of the bridge began on November 6, 1937 and was completed in June 1939.[2] The bridge cost $2.5 million to construct and was opened on June 22, 1939.[3] Two workers were killed during the construction on October 14, 1938 when a 68-ton crane fell from the bridge.

How to Cross Highland Park Bridge by Bicycle[edit]

Going away from the Zoo: Google Map Bicycle route of short bike-friendly path (as long as sidewalk is used). Detail: At the bottom of the hill where One Wild Place intersects with Butler Street, cross in one of the two crosswalks to the far sidewalk (the sidewalk along the river side of Butler Street). Ride on the sidewalk toward the bridge. This turns into the sidewalk on the downstream side of the bridge. After riding on the bridge for awhile, you will come to an on-ramp (road crossing). Cross the on-ramp carefully keeping an eye out for cars (there is fast highway traffic), and then get back on the sidewalk. Then, you will be on Freeport.

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