Highlander: The Series (season 5)

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Highlander: The Series (season 5)
Highlander series season 5.jpg
DVD box set
Country of origin France/Canada co-production
No. of episodes 18
Original network Syndication
Original release September 23, 1996 (1996-09-23) – May 19, 1997 (1997-05-19)
Season chronology
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Season 4
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List of Highlander: The Series episodes

The fifth season of the American drama/adventure television series Highlander began airing began airing 23 September 1996 and finished on 19 May 1997. The series continues to follow the adventures of Duncan MacLeod, a 400-year-old Immortal who can only die if he is beheaded. MacLeod is involved in the Game, an ongoing battle during which all Immortals have to behead each other until only one is left.


Two episodes that aired during the fifth season were the fourth season episodes "Double Jeopardy" (aired April 28, 1997) and "One Minute to Midnight" (aired September 23, 1996). These episodes are included in the fourth season DVD set.


Main cast[edit]

Recurring cast[edit]


No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod.
89 1 "Prophecy" Dennis Berry David Tynan October 5, 1996 (1996-10-05) 96501
MacLeod encounters an Immortal seer, Cassandra, whom he met as a child in Scotland. Cassandra has the power to mesmerize people with her voice and seems to have other psychic gifts. She had stepped in to hide Duncan from Immortal Roland Kantos, who was out to find the child born on the winter solstice, because of a prophecy that he would fight and vanquish a great evil. Now, centuries later, Roland Kantos has found Duncan MacLeod. Like Cassandra, who apparently taught him, he has the power to mesmerize people with his voice, and captures MacLeod, intending to kill him once. Macleod eventually defeats Kantos, gaining the brilliant idea from talking to his younger self in a vision Cassandra helps him to have, of plugging up his ears with candle wax so that Kantos cannot control him via the voice.
90 2 "The End of Innocence" Gerard Hameline Morrie Ruvinsky October 12, 1996 (1996-10-12) 96502
The last time Richie Ryan saw Duncan MacLeod, MacLeod was about to take his head. He was stopped by Dawson's bullet, but Richie's world was shattered. Now Richie's back—kicking butt and taking heads. One of those heads belonged to Carter Wellan, and now Wellan's good friend and mentor Haresh Clay is out to avenge his comrade. MacLeod has his own fears and long-time grudge against Clay, who humiliated and destroyed one of MacLeod's finest teachers. MacLeod must try to rebuild Richie's trust while they vie to be the one to face Clay in combat.
91 3 "Manhunt" Peter Ellis David Tynan October 19, 1996 (1996-10-19) 96503
Carl Robinson, the former slave turned baseball player, has finally found the good life as a Major Leagues star—but when Carl is challenged by another Immortal and witnesses find him standing over the decapitated body, Carl is forced to go on the run from the cops. He turns to MacLeod for help when he is pursued by Immortal lawman Matthew McCormick, who has more than just a professional interest in taking Carl into custody.
92 4 "Glory Days" Gerard Hameline Nancy Heiken October 26, 1996 (1996-10-26) 96504
MacLeod has to deal with Johnny K, a teenaged hood who doesn't play by the Immortal rules. And Joe has to deal with an old girlfriend.
93 5 "Dramatic License" Peter Ellis Michael O'Mahoney, Sasha Reins November 2, 1996 (1996-11-02) 96505
Duncan finds himself cast in a romance novel along with an old opponent. Duncan wants to know how much the author, Carolyn Marsh, knows about him, but his rival wants to kill her.
94 6 "Money No Object" Rafal Zielinski James Thorpe November 9, 1996 (1996-11-09) 96506
MacLeod and Amanda are reunited with Cory Raines, the charming, smooth-talking "Clyde" to Amanda's "Bonnie" during their five-state crime spree in the 1920s. Amanda, always ready for a little larceny, is tempted by the carefree and adventurous lifestyle Cory offers her and takes him up on the offer when she realizes MacLeod won't beg her to stay with him. But MacLeod rides to the rescue when one of Cory's schemes goes astray.
95 7 "Haunted" James Bruce Scott Peters November 16, 1996 (1996-11-16) 96507
Jennifer Hill believes the spirit of her dead husband Alec, an Immortal, is still with her. She comes to Alec's old friend MacLeod and begs him to appease Alec's spirit by killing the Immortal who took Alec Hill's head. Richie finds himself strangely attracted to the grieving young widow—until she realizes he's the very same Immortal being sought by Duncan.
96 8 "Little Tin God" Rafal Zielinski Richard Gilbert-Hill November 23, 1996 (1996-11-23) 96508
Derek's faith in God helped save him from a violent life on the urban streets. When the young gospel singer is killed in a drive-by shooting, he awakens in the arms of God and is given the gift of eternal life. But what's he to do when his God recruits him as a warrior in the Holy War against Satan...and Satan turns out to be Duncan MacLeod? Duncan must face the delusional Immortal Lurca. Recruiting gullible new Immortals to do his bidding, Lurca challenges MacLeod on holy ground, the one taboo battleground for Immortals.
97 9 "The Messenger" James Bruce David Tynan November 30, 1996 (1996-11-30) 96509
An Immortal is going around pretending to be Methos, encouraging other Immortals to give up the Game. Luring Richie into this dangerous frame of mind, MacLeod's fight with William Culbraith—another Immortal who led the Confederate prison camp Andersonville and whose own personal tragedy led him to give the orders that killed a mortal comrade of the Highlander's -- is interrupted. Dawson warns about this phoney, who convinces Immortals to lay down their swords. But it always ends in tragedy; the converts are then killed by the next Immortal to come along, with the fake Methos continuing on his hopeless mission of preaching pacifism. An incredulous Methos confronts the impostor, and upon realizing he is genuine concludes he is daft. Culbraith, however, has other plans and takes the Messenger's head thinking he is Methos, hoping the Quickening will give him the strength to defeat MacLeod. In the end, however, it is Richie who takes Culbraith's head.
98 10 "The Valkyrie" Richard Martin James Thorpe February 1, 1997 (1997-02-01) 96510
Ingrid Henning failed in an assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler during WWII. Since then, she has made it her mission to take out rising monsters before they can achieve political power, having concluded that Hitler's position protected him. Now, Henning is after a racist politician whose star is rising. MacLeod must confront his one-time comrade before her crusade takes the lives of innocent people.
99 11 "Comes a Horseman" Gerard Hameline David Tynan February 8, 1997 (1997-02-08) 96511
MacLeod renews an old battle with an Immortal he encountered in 1867 as the outlaw Melvin Koren. MacLeod learns that Koren is really Kronos, who turns out to be thousands of years old and more than MacLeod can handle. To make matters more complicated, Cassandra is after Kronos to settle a score of her own. During the Bronze Age, Kronos led a small band of Immortals called the Four Horsemen on a raid that destroyed the seer's village and enslaved her. When Methos is revealed to have been one of the Horsemen, MacLeod tells him their friendship is over. The oldest living Immortal is forced to join up with Kronos, who has reunited the Horsemen. He manages, however, to break up what was supposed to be the decisive battle between MacLeod and Kronos, saying it could have gone either way.
100 12 "Revelation 6:8" Adrian Paul Tony DiFranco February 15, 1997 (1997-02-15) 96512
The Four Horsemen are reunited. Cassandra is their prisoner. And worst of all, Methos has apparently rejoined his old comrades, guiding Kronos to their Brothers, Caspian and Silas. As MacLeod makes plans to rescue Cassandra and face Kronos for the last time, Methos tries to stay alive, maybe dissuade Silas, and somehow perhaps keep Cassandra—who was his personal "pet" during her first captivity in the Bronze Age—alive, too. Kronos' plan is revealed: he intends to use an engineered virus to wipe out most of humanity and conquer the survivors as part of an eternal empire. Methos eventually betrays his former comrades, with he and MacLeod simultaneously battling Kronos and Silas to the death in their own respective fights. The result is a double quickening as MacLeod and Methos win the day. Cassandra wants to avenge herself upon Methos, her former tormentor, but Duncan demands she let him live. Whether or not the centuries have truly changed Methos after all, he was the man who saved Duncan MacLeod from the Dark Quickening, and he had in the end helped to save humanity. Afterward, Methos implies that he had set up the entire confrontation with Kronos hoping MacLeod could do what he himself never could—take his Immortal brother's head.
101 13 "The Ransom of Richard Redstone" Gerard Hameline David Tynan February 22, 1997 (1997-02-22) 96513
The Chateau LeMartin has been in Marina's family for generations, but now the slimy Carlo Capodimonte threatens to foreclose on an old loan and take the chateau for himself. Desperate to save the family heritage, Marina kidnaps an American millionaire in order to pay off the loan. Unfortunately for Marina, the rich and charming "Richard Redstone" she has tied up in the cellar is none other than Richie Ryan.
102 14 "Duende" Richard Martin Jan Hartman March 1, 1997 (1997-03-01) 96514
Spanish swordplay, like Spanish dancing, is equal parts passion, skill, and strict discipline. The Immortal Otavio Consone is a master of both. An arrogant Spaniard who 150 years ago tried to teach MacLeod the sword art called "The Mysterious Circle," Consone vied with MacLeod for the hand of a beautiful senorita, with tragic results. Now MacLeod must protect a Flamenco artist and her daughter from Consone's revenge.
103 15 "The Stone of Scone" Richard Martin Michael O'Mahony and Sasha Reins April 21, 1997 (1997-04-21) 96515
According to official statements by the British government, the theft of the Stone of Scone, the legendary royal throne of Scotland, from Westminster Abbey in 1950 was simply a rowdy schoolboy prank. But was it? Or was it actually the bungled work of three rather hapless Immortals, attempting to fulfill a promise made centuries before?
104 16 "Forgive Us Our Trespasses" Paolo Barzman Dom Tordjmann May 5, 1997 (1997-05-05) 96516
After the Scottish massacre at the Battle of Culloden in 1746, Duncan MacLeod was a man possessed, obsessed, with killing the English bastards who had destroyed his people. Now Immortal Steven Keane has come to make MacLeod pay for his murderous crimes. Amanda urges MacLeod to take Keane's head and be done with it, but in his heart MacLeod knows that Keane is right—he is a murderer—and that Keane is judging him just like MacLeod has judged so many others.
105 17 "The Modern Prometheus" Adrian Paul James Thorpe May 12, 1997 (1997-05-12) 96517
Lord Byron, once one of the greatest and most scandalous writers of the 19th Century, is now a rock star. Methos remembers when his escapades led to a senseless fight that ended in a quickening witnessed by Mary Shelley, author of "Frankenstein." Byron's debauchery and substance abuse have only increased with time. He lures an up-and-coming musician under Joe Dawson's tutelage into his dangerous lifestyle, and MacLeod becomes involved. Tragedy finally strikes, with Dawson's musical protégé dying from a drug overdose. Methos finally realizes that his former pupil is beyond hope, and MacLeod fights Byron to the death.
106 18 "Archangel" Dennis Berry David Tynan May 19, 1997 (1997-05-19) 96518
Two archaeologists, Foster and Landry, are exploring a tunnel and they come face to face with a statue. Landry the more experienced and superstitious recognizes the statue as the ancient Zoroastrian demon Ahriman who plagues the world every thousand years by coming into human form. Foster is killed and Landry escapes. Landry warns Duncan that he is the champion who is to defeat Ahriman but both he and Richie think the man is crazy. But later Duncan sees James Horton, Kronos and other people he had killed before. Methos and Joe think he is losing it but Richie is willing to stay by his side whatever it takes. When Richie sees Horton taking Joe in a car to a racetrack with a gun to his head Richie calls Duncan and tells him he is going after them. Duncan who is with Joe at the time sees that it's a trap. He gets to the racetrack and is confronted by Richie, Horton, and Kronos. Ahriman has taken their form. He fights them but they disappear every time he attacks them. Then the real Richie appears and Duncan, thinking it is Ahriman, delivers the fatal blow. Joe and Methos arrive just as Ahriman in Richie's form laughs and leaves. Duncan runs away and Joe is left crying on Methos' shoulder. Richie is gone forever.

Home release[edit]

Highlander: The Series Season Five
Set details[1] Special features[1]
  • A vast library of never-before-seen footage including deleted scenes as well as recently discovered footage
  • Interviews with the Actors, Producers, Editors, Writers, Set and Costume Designers
  • Watcher Chronicles - Discover the lives of the Immortals and those they encountered as recorded by The Watchers
  • Photo Gallery
  • Audio Commentaries from: Jim Byrnes, Anthony Delongis, Peter Ellis, Gillian Horvath, Stan Kirsch, Don Paonessa, and Adrian Paul
  • Blooper Reel
  • "The Time of the Gathering: Highlander's 1998 Convention"
  • Peter Wingfield: The Man Who Became Methos
  • Original Production Designs
  • All 18 Scripts
  • Actor, Director & Writer Bios, Series Trivia, Fight Scripts, Production Notes & Shooting Schedules
Release dates
Region 1 Region 2
August 10, 2004[2]


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