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IndustryData visualization
FounderTorstein Hønsi
Area served

Highsoft is the company behind the data visualization tools[1][2] Highcharts, Highstock, and Highmaps. The products are developed in Javascript and are tools to provide interactive charts and diagrams for web and mobile projects. Highsoft also offers an online charting tool known as Highcharts Cloud. The software of Highsoft is offered as source-available on GitHub, free for personal use.[3] For commercial use commercial licenses are offered.[4] Out of the fortune 100 global list of the greatest companies in the world, 68 hold a software license with one or more of highsoft products.


The idea behind Highsoft started[5] when Torstein was looking for a charting tool to publish his snow depth measurements from Vikjafjellet (Norway) online. Torstein founded Highsoft in 2009, to provide charting tools based on JavaScript, which could work in most web browsers, without the use of browser plugins. Today, the company is most known for its core product, Highcharts.

Products and technologies[edit]

Highsoft provides four main products:[6] Highcharts, Highstock, Highmaps and Highcharts Cloud.


Highcharts was released in 2009, and is based on native browser technologies. Highcharts is a charting library written in pure JavaScript, offering a way of adding interactive charts to websites, web and mobile applications. Highcharts' newest version Highcharts 5[7] introduces styled mode (style by CSS )[8] that allows designers to style charts using only CSS. Highcharts 5 also offers accessibility module[9] to set up charts for non-visual and keyboard-only users, the accessibility module complies with existing accessibility standard such as the Section 508 standard of the US Government, and the international WCAG 2.0 standard.


Highstock was released in October 2011, and is mostly used in the financial and banking industry sector.[10][11][12]


Highmaps is a Highsoft product for geo maps (mainly choropleth maps). Highmaps also supports different features such as lines (roads, rivers etc.) and points (cities, points of interest) and more. Highmaps can be used in two different ways, either as a standalone JavaScript file, or as a plugin for Highcharts.

Highcharts cloud[edit]

Highcharts Cloud is an online charting tool (online graph maker) and chart hosting service, which is a SaaS version of Highcharts.

Embeddable Highcharts Editor[edit]

Highcharts Editor[13] is an embedded web-application charting tool. It’s implemented as a simple and clean wizard-style UI which walks non-programmers through chart creation from start to finish.

Highcharts community[edit]

Uservoice, Stack overflow, GitHub and YouTube channel[14] are used by Highsoft to interact with its users, along with an Internet forum.

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