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Highway 17A shield

Highway 17A
Kenora By-Pass
Route information
Auxiliary route of Highway 17
Maintained by the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario
Length: 33.5 km[1] (20.8 mi)
Existed: 1990 – present
Major junctions
Beltway around Kenora
West end:  Highway 17 west near Keewatin
   Highway 596 near Keewatin
Highway 658 near Jaffray–Melick
Highway 659
Highway 671
East end:  Highway 17 east near Kenora
Counties: Kenora District
Major cities: Kenora, Kenora Airport
Highway system
Highway 17 Highway 19

King's Highway 17A, commonly referred to as Highway 17A or as the Kenora By-Pass, is an alternate route of Highway 17 around the city of Kenora, in the Canadian province of Ontario. It was built along a former Canadian Pacific Railway right-of-way, and has two westbound passing lanes in separate parts, and one eastbound passing lane.

Route description[edit]

Although it is not an official part of the Trans-Canada Highway, Highway 17A is designated as the through route when travelling into Kenora on the Trans-Canada. The road also provides access to Kenora Airport, but otherwise avoids the built up areas of the city.[2] The highway passes through a heavily forested area dominated by large granite rock outcroppings, geography typical of the Canadian Shield.[3] On an average day approximately 3,200–5,200 vehicles travel along the road, varying by season.[1]


Construction of Highway 17A began in 1981 in response to traffic congestion within the city of Kenora, which created a severe bottleneck for cross-national traffic. The bypass opened in stages as it was constructed from west to east.[4] The first 8.4 kilometres (5.2 mi), from Highway 17 to Highway 596 opened in September 1983. Following this, contracts were tendered for construction of the Winnipeg River bridge.[5] The section between Highway 596 and Highway 658 opened several years later in the autumn of 1988.[4] The final section, linking Highway 658 with Highway 17, was opened in 1991.[6]

Major intersections[edit]

The following table lists the major junctions along Highway 17A, as noted by the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario.[1] The entire route is located in Kenora District.[2] 

Location km[1] mi Destinations Notes
Kenora 0.0 0.0  Highway 17 west – Winnipeg
1.2 0.75 Highway 641 – Laclu CPR overpass
7.1 4.4  Highway 596 (Darlington Drive) – Minaki
12.6 7.8
Winnipeg River Bridge
14.9 9.3 Highway 658 (Redditt Road) – Redditt
21.1 13.1 East Melick Road Formerly Highway 659
25.5 15.8 Highway 671 (Jones Road) – Jones
33.5 20.8  Highway 17 east – Dryden, Thunder Bay
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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