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Highway 22
נתיבי המפרץ
Netivey Ha'Mifratz
Bay Highway
Route information
Length: 17 km (11 mi)
Major junctions
South end: Haifa (Hiram Interchange)
  • Hiram Interchange
  • Ha'Histadrut Interchange
  • Karey Na'aman Interchange
North end: Kfar Masarik (Karey Na'aman Interchange)
Major cities: Haifa, Kiryat Atta, Kiryat Bialik, Akko
Highway system

Roads in Israel


Highway 22 (Hebrew: כביש 22‎‎), also known as the Bay Highway, is a suburban freeway in the Haifa metropolitan area connecting downtown Haifa with the city's northern exit to the Krayot. From there it continues northwards as a bypass of the Krayot, providing an alternative route to Highway 4.

The highway is divided into two parts:

  • The Kishon Road is a 5 km long urban section from Hiram interchange in downtown Haifa to Yigael Yadin interchange. The first stage of the Kishon Road was built by Haifa's municipal Yefe Nof company and opened in 2005. Mevo Carmel Interchange opened on January 12, 2010,[1] eliminating a dangerous railway crossing on the way to the Krayot.
  • The Krayot Bypass is a 12 km long suburban section bypassing the Krayot area. There have been plans to create an alternative road to the congested Haifa - Acre road since the 1970s, however financial and bureaucratic issues prevented these plans from being realized for several decades. Shapir Marine and Civil Engineering Ltd. won the tender to construct this part of the highway, work on which commenced in 2010. The entire cost of this segment is estimated at NIS 1.9 billion (approximately US$500 million) and was managed by the National Roads Authority. Other works under way in the vicinity of the highway included the construction of connections from the highway to the Carmel Tunnels and Highway 75 and improvements to Highway 4 from the Karey Na'aman interchange to just south of Acre. The southern part of the Krayot Bypass, from Haifa to the Bialik Interchange was completed mid-September 2012, ahead of schedule.[2] The last section leading to Karei Na'aman Interchange was completed in March 2013.[1] A direct connection between the highway and the Carmel Tunnels was completed in March 2014.


km Name Type Meaning Location Road(s) Crossed
0 מחלף חירם
(Hiram Interchange)
AB-AS-blau.svgILjunction-hiram.png Named after
King Hiram
Downtown Haifa ISR-HW4 red.PNG Highway 4
(Hativat Golani Road)
1.2 AB-AS-blau.svg Port of Haifa,
Hof Shemen
Industrial Zone
Ophir St.,
HaMelacha St.,
Salman Road
2 מחלף חוף שמן
(Hof Shemen Interchage)
AB-AS-blau.svgILjunction-hofshemen.png Oil Beach Port of Haifa,
Hof Shemen
Industrial Zone
Heletz St.,
Julius Simon Road,
ISR-HW4 red.PNG Highway 4
bar Yehuda Road)
3.1 מחלף קישון
(Kishon Interchange)
AB-AS-blau.svgILjunction-kishon.png Named after
Kishon River
Haifa ISR-HW75.png Highway 75
4.1 מחלף ידין
(Yadin Interchange)
AB-AS-blau.svgILjunction-yadinhaifa.png Named after
Yigael Yadin
East Haifa Yigael Yadin Road,
ISR-HW23.png Carmel Tunnels
5 מחלף ההסתדרות
(Ha'Histadrut Interchange)
AB-AS-blau.svgILjunction-histadruthaifa.png Named after
Histadrut labor federation
East Haifa ISR-HW4 red.PNG Highway 4
(HaHistadrut Blvd.)
6 מחלף אתא דרום
(Atta Darom Interchange)
AB-AS-blau.svgILjunction-attadarom.png Named after location
Atta South
Kiryat Nahum
Industrial Zone,
Kiryat Atta
Haluzey Ha'Taasia St.,
Haifa Road
7.5 מחלף אתא צפון
(Atta Tzafon Interchange)
AB-AS-blau.svgILjunction-attatzafon.png Named after location
Atta North
Kiryat Haim,
Kiryat Bialik,
Kfar Bialik,
Kiryat Atta,
ISR-HW781.png Route 781
(Bialik St.)
11.5 מחלף ביאליק
(Bialik Interchange)
AB-AS-blau.svgILjunction-bialik.png Named after
Hayim Nahman Bialik
Kiryat Bialik,(north)
Tsur Shalom Cemetery
ISR-HW79.png Highway 79
17 מחלף כרי נעמן
(Karei Na'aman Interchange)
AB-AS-blau.svgILjunction-kareinaaman.png Named after
Karei Na'aman
Nature Reserve
Kfar Masaryk ISR-HW4 red.PNG Highway 4

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Coordinates: 32°48′02″N 35°02′42″E / 32.80056°N 35.04500°E / 32.80056; 35.04500