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Highway 31 is an inter-city highway in southern Israel. It begins at Zohar junction south of Neve Zohar, where it meets Highway 90 just west of the Dead Sea. It passes through Arad, Kuseife, Hura, Lakiya and Lehavim, and it terminates at HaNasi junction near Eshel HaNasi.

As of 2001, the western terminus of Highway 31 was Lehavim junction and the intersection with Highway 40. The portion of the road west of this junction has opened to traffic after 2001.

There are plans to upgrade the highway to two lanes in each direction.[1]

Junctions on the route[edit]

Junction Location Intersecting roads
צומת זוהר
(Zohar Junction)
Neve Zohar ISR-HW90.png Highway 90 (Israel)
צומת חתרורים
(Hatrorim Junction)
Kvu'a Route 258
צומת ערד
(Arad Junction)
Arad Hebron Boulevard, HaTa'asiya Boulevard
(Arad Industrial Zone entrance) Arad HaTa'asiya Boulevard/Entrance to the Arad Industrial Zone
צומת תל ערד
(Tel Arad Junction)
Tel Arad ISR-HW80.png Highway 80 (Israel)
(Kuseife entrance) Kuseife Entrance to Kuseife
(Trijat entrance) Drijat Entrance to Mickhol and Trijat
(Unnamed Junction) Abu Sabid Route 316
(Hura entrance) Hura Entrance to Hura
צומת שוקת
(Shoket Junction)
Tel Shoket ISR-HW60.png Highway 60 (Israel)
(Lakiya entrance) Lakiya Entrance to Lakiya
(Unnamed Junction) Lakiya Route 358
מחלף להבים
(Lehavim Interchange)
Lehavim Entrance to Lehavim
צומת להבים
(Lehavim Junction)
Lehavim ISR-HW40.png Highway 40 (Israel)
(Rahat entrance) Rahat Entrance to Rahat
צומת הנשיא
(Hanasi Junction)
Eshel HaNasi ISR-HW25.png Highway 25 (Israel)


Hazardous road[edit]

Road 31, nicknamed road of death [2] had been declared a red road (a road that has more than average number of fatal accidents) by both Or Yarok[3] and the Israeli police.[4] The road had an average of 2 fatal accidents per month between 2011 and 2013,[5] and had a total of 87 dead and 1399 wounded up until 2015.[6]


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Coordinates: 31°15′55″N 35°01′29″E / 31.26528°N 35.02472°E / 31.26528; 35.02472