Highway 34 (Israel)

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Highway 34 is a highway in the South District of Israel that begins at Yad Mordechai in the north, passes through Sderot, and ends in the south at Netivot. Its length is 19.75 km.

Junctions on the route[edit]

Name Location Intersecting routes
צומת יד מרדכי
(Yad Mordechai Junction)
Yad Mordechai ISR-HW4.png Highway 4 (Israel)
כניסה צפונית לארז
(Erez Northern Entrance)
Erez Northern entrance to Erez
כניסה מרכזית לארז
(Erez Central Entrance)
Erez Central entrance to Erez
צומת ללא שם
(Unnamed Junction)
Erez, Or HaNer West: Entrance to Erez; East: Entrance to Or HaNer
כניסה לנירעם
(Nir Am Entrance)
Nir Am, Sderot Entrance to Nir Am
כניסה מערבית לשדרות
(Sderot Western Entrance)
Nir Am, Sderot Entrance to Sderot
צומת שער הנגב
(Sha'ar Hanegev Junction)
Mikhlelet HaNegev, Sha'ar HaNegev Route 232
צומת מפלסים
(Mefalsim Junction [unofficial name])
Mefalsim Route 232
כניסה לגבים, ומכללת הנגב
(Gevim and Hanegev College Entrance)
Gevim, Mikhlelet HaNegev Entrance to Gevim and Mikhlelet HaNegev
כניסה ליכיני
(Yakhini Entrance)
Yakhini Entrance to Yakhini
כניסה ליושביה
(Yoshivya Entrance)
Yoshivya Entrance to Yoshivya
צומת נתיבות
(Netivot Junction)
Netivot ISR-HW25.png Highway 25 (Israel)

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Coordinates: 31°29′36″N 34°35′28″E / 31.49333°N 34.59111°E / 31.49333; 34.59111