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Highway 3
כביש 3
Kvish Shalosh
Route information
Part of Mashreq-M40.gif
(Ratified by Palestine but not by Israel)
Length: 53 km (33 mi)
Major junctions
West end:
  • Abba Hillel Silver Junction
East end:
  • Beit Horon Junction
Major cities: Ashkelon, Hodaya, Kiryat Malakhi, Yad Binyamin, Yesodot, Hulda, Nachshon, Latrun, Modi'in
Highway system

Roads in Israel

Abba Hillel Silver Junction

Highway 3 is a highway in Israel. It begins at Highway 4 on the outskirts of Ashkelon, running east-northeast, passing through Kiryat Malakhi and Latrun, and ending just short of Modi'in.

Plan for the future[edit]

The Israeli Ministry of Transportation plans for Highway 3 to be a major route that will connect the South District to Jerusalem via Latrun Interchange and Highway 1. The National Roads Company of Israel is converting the road to a multi-lane divided highway. Despite this, the road will not become an expressway because it is the only means of entrance to many nearby communities.

Israel Railways is constructing flying junctions between Highway 3 and the rail tracks that cross it.

Path of Highway 3 from northeast to southwest[edit]

The northeast part of Highway 3 begins at Beit Horon Junction near Modi'in. It intersects Highways 1 and 6 and then passes several kibbutzim and moshavim until Re'em Junction where it joins Highway 40, running concurrently for 4 km until Malakhi Junction in Kiryat Malakhi. The Latrun–Nahshon section (between the intersections with highways 1 and 44) is the first concrete highway in Israel.[1]

After the roads split, Highway 3 continues in Kiryat Malakhi and past more kibbutzim and moshavim until Abba Hillel Silver Junction east of Ashkelon, which intersects with Highway 4.

In the past, Highway 3 reached Ramallah and Jericho and terminated at Allenby bridge across the Jordan river.[2] After the Oslo Accords in 1993, the portion of the road that passes through Ramallah and Jericho was transferred to Palestinian control (as with Highway 60), and portions of the road that remained under Israeli control were renamed as local roads.

Junctions and Interchanges[edit]

km Name Type Meaning Location Intersecting roads
0 צומת אבא הלל סילבר
(Abba Hillel Silver Junction)
ILramzor2.svg Ashkelon,
Kfar Silver
ISR-HW4.png Highway 4
0.5 Fareskilt 20.PNG Kfar Silver entrance road
2 צומת ניר ישראל
(Nir Yisrael Junction)
ILramzor2.svg Yisrael's Meadow Nir Yisrael,
ISR-HW3500.png Route 3500
4 צומת הודיה
(Hodaya Junction)
Fareskilt 20.PNG (Prayer of) Thanksgiving Hodaya ISR-HW232.PNG Route 232
7 צומת נגבה
(Negba Junction)
Fareskilt 20.PNG Southward (biblical Hebrew) Negba local road
8 צומת משואות יצחק
(Masu'ot Yizhak Junction)
Fareskilt 20.PNG Torches of Isaac Masu'ot Yizhak local road
9 צומת מרכז שפירא
(Merkaz Shapira Junction)
Fareskilt 20.PNG Shapira Center
named after
Haim-Moshe Shapira
Merkaz Shapira entrance road
10 צומת עין צורים
(Ein Tzurim Junction)
Fareskilt 20.PNG Rocks' Spring Ein Tzurim entrance road
11 צומת שפיר
(Shaffir Junction)
Fareskilt 20.PNG Beautiful (biblical Hebrew) Shafir ISR-HW3613.png Route 3613
13 צומת כפר ורבורג-אביגדור
(Kfar Varburg-Avigdor Junction)
Fareskilt 20.PNG named for
Felix M. Warburg
Henry d'Avigdor-Goldsmid
Kfar Warburg,
local roads
14.5 צומת טוביה
(Tuvia Junction)
ILramzor2.svg named for
Tuvia's Well
Be'er Tuvia,
Kiryat Malakhi South
Yigal Hurwitz Blvd.
ISR-HW3703.png Route 3703
15 ILramzor2.svg Kiryat Malakhi Center,
Be'er Tuvia
Industrial Zone
Ben Gurion Blvd.
The Well Street
15.5 ILramzor2.svg Kiryat Malakhi North Menachem Begin Blvd.
16 צומת מלאכי
(Malakhi Junction)
ILramzor2.svg (Prophet) Malakhi
My Angel
ISR-HW40.png Highway 40
16.7 (eastbound only) AB-AS-blau.svg Arugot local road
18 צומת אחים
(Ahim Junction)
ILramzor2.svg Brothers
(Zvi and Efraim Guber)
Kfar Ahim,
Talmei Yehiel,
local road
20 צומת ראם
(Re'em Junction)
ILramzor2.svg Rebbe Avraham Mordechai Bnei Re'em ISR-HW40.png Highway 40
21 צומת שערי אברהם
(Shearei Avraham Junction)
ILramzor2.svg Gates of Abraham Sha'arei Avraham ISR-HW383.pngRoute 383
22 צומת רבדים
(Revadim Junction)
Fareskilt 20.PNG Echelons Revadim entrance road
24 צומת בית חלקיה
(Beit Helkiya Junction)
Fareskilt 20.PNG House of
My Portion of the Lord
Beit Hilkia ISR-HW3933.png Route 3933
25 צומת יד בנימין
(Yad Binyamin Junction)
ILramzor2.svg Benjamin's Memorial Yad Binyamin entrance road
26 מחלף שורק
(Sorek Interchange)
and railway overpass[3]
named for nearby
Sorek River
Choice Vine
Yad Binyamin,
Lod - Beer Sheva
Railway Line
ISR-HW6.png Highway 6
27.5 צומת כביש 7
(Highway 7 Junction)
Highway 7 ISR-HW7.png Highway 7
29 צומת יסודות
(Yesodot Junction)
ILramzor2.svg Foundations Yesodot entrance road
30.2 railway underpass[4] ILbridge3.png Jerusalem - Tel Aviv
Railway Line
33 צומת חולדה
(Hulda Junction)
ILramzor2.svg The Perpetual Hulda,
Mishmar David,
Tal Shahar
ISR-HW411.png Route 411
35 צומת נחשון
(Nahshon Junction)
ILramzor2.svg Pioneer (literary Hebrew)
named after
Operation Nachshon
Nachshon ISR-HW44.png Highway 44
36 מחלף בקוע
(Beko'a Interchange)
Splitting Beko'a entrance road
38 מחלף נחשון / נווה שלום
(Nahshon / Neve Shalom
Pioneer /
Oasis of Peace
Neve Shalom
local road
41 צומת חטיבה שבע
(Hativa Sheva Junction)
ILramzor2.svg 7th (Armored) Brigade Latrun Monastery,
Mini Israel Theme Park
Yad La-Shiryon
ISR-HW424.png Route 424
41.1 Green Line
42 מחלף לטרון
(Latrun Interchange)
The Castle (of the Knights)
(The House of the Good) Thief
Emmaus Nicopolis
ISR-HW1.png Highway 1
43 Fareskilt 20.PNG Canada Park entrance road
44.8 railway underpass[5] ILbridge3.png Jerusalem - Tel Aviv
High-Speed Rail
45 Fareskilt 20.PNG Modi'in,
Nof Ayalon,
HaHashmonaim Blvd.
47 צומת מבוא חורון
(Mevo Horon Junction)
Fareskilt 20.PNG Horon Gateway Mevo Horon Ayalon Blvd.
48 Fareskilt 20.PNG Beit Likiya Zeichen 267 - Verbot der Einfahrt, StVO 1970.svg (blocked)
52 Fareskilt 20.PNG Beit Sira Zeichen 267 - Verbot der Einfahrt, StVO 1970.svg (blocked)
53 צומת בית חורון
(Beit Horon Junction)
Fareskilt 20.PNG House of Horon Modi'in ISR-HW443.png Route 443
Zeichen 267 - Verbot der Einfahrt, StVO 1970.svg (blocked)

Hazardous road[edit]

15 km of highway 3 had been declared as a red road by the Israeli police in 2015.[6]


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