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Highway 40
כביש 40
Route information
Length: 294 km (183 mi)
Major junctions
South end: Ketura Junction
  • Nokdim Junction
  • Sara Junction
  • Hativat HaNegev Junction
  • Goral Junction
  • Lehavim Junction
  • Plugot Junction
  • Malakhi Junction
  • Re'em Junction
  • Gedera Junction
  • Bilu Junction
  • Ramlod Interchange
  • Lod Interchange
  • HaTayasim Junction
  • Segula Junction
  • Yarkon Interchange
  • Elishema Interchange
North end: Kfar Saba
Major cities: Mitzpe Ramon, Be'er Sheva, Rahat, Kiryat Malakhi, Gedera, Rehovot, Ramla, Lod, Petah Tikva, Hod HaSharon, Kfar Saba
Highway system

Roads in Israel


Highway 40 (Hebrew: כביש 40‎‎) is a north-south intercity road in Israel. At 302 km long, it is the second longest highway in Israel, after Highway 90. The highway runs from Kfar Saba in the center of Israel to the Arabah in the south, serving as a main connection between central Israel and Be'er Sheva.

Route description[edit]

The highway starts at an intersection with Highway 90 near Ketura, about 50 km north of Eilat as a two-lane undivided road. It then continues north, winding through the mountains of the southern Negev. This section includes the "Meishar", which is a completely straight and leveled 12 km stretch of road. The highway descends into the Ramon Crater, crosses it and then ascends 250 meters along "Ma'ale HaAtzmaut" to reach Mitzpe Ramon. From Mitzpe Ramon the highway continues past Ramon Air Force Base and Sde Boker.

The section between Ketura and Sde Boker is a scenic route, and some drivers use this road when driving to Eilat because it provides more attractions and scenery, as opposed to highway 90 which is considered to be safer and faster.

From Sde Boker the highway continues past numerous Bedouin settlements and the Ramat Hovav industrial area. Between Nokdim Junction and Goral Junction the highway forms an eastern bypass of Be'er Sheva, also passing Omer and the Bedouin towns of Shaqib al-Salam and Tel as-Sabi. From Goral Junction the highway continues as a dual-carriageway four lane road, passing Lehavim, Rahat and Kiryat Gat.

Descending the northern ridge of the Ramon Crater

North of Kiryat Malakhi, the highway merges with Highway 3 for 4 km to Re'em Junction. This short section has six lanes (three in each direction). It then continues as a four lane road, passing through Gedera and past Tel Nof Air Force Base and Rehovot. Between Matzliah Junction and Gesher Lod Junction it forms an eastern bypass of Ramle and Lod.

At El Al Junction the highway turns left towards Ben Gurion International Airport and immediately right at a roundabout. It is then downgraded in size to two lanes until IAI Junction, where it becomes a four lane divided carriageway once again. The highway then continues through Petah Tikva and bypasses Hod HaSharon before terminating at an intersection with Highway 55 in Kfar Saba.

Junctions (south to north)[edit]

km Name Type Meaning Location Road(s) Crossed
0 צומת קטורה
(Ketura Junction)
Fareskilt 20.PNG name of nearby hill and Kibbutz
ult. Second wife of Abraham
Ketura ISR-HW90.png Highway 90
9 צומת נווה חריף
(Neve Harif Junction)
Fareskilt 20.PNG ult. Moshe Harif Neve Harif local road
10 צומת נאות סמדר
(Ne'ot Smadar Junction)
Fareskilt 20.PNG Beauty of Nascent Fruit Neot Smadar
local road
12 צומת שיזפון
(Shizafon Junction)
Fareskilt 20.PNG Suntan Shizafon Army Base ISR-HW12.png Highway 12
26 צומת שיטים
(Shittim Junction)
Fareskilt 20.PNG Acacia wood
ult. name of ancient location
Shittim local road
38 צומת ציחור
(Tzihor Junction)
Fareskilt 20.PNG Whiteness, Purity Tzihor Stream ISR-HW13.png Highway 13
81 צומת מכתש רמון
(Makhtesh Ramon Junction)
Fareskilt 20.PNG Ramon Crater Makhtesh Ramon local road
90 צומת מצפה רמון
(Mitzpe Ramon Junction)
Zeichen 215 - Kreisverkehr, StVO 2000.svg Ramon Overlook Mitzpe Ramon local road
90.4 Fareskilt 20.PNG Mitzpe Ramon Mount Sagi St.
91 Fareskilt 20.PNG Mitzpe Ramon Mount Oded St.
90 Fareskilt 20.PNG Mitzpe Ramon
Industrial Zone
Mount Katum St.
95 צומת הרוחות
(HaRuchot Junction)
Fareskilt 20.PNG The Winds Mitzpe Ramon
Landing Strip
ISR-HW171.png Route 171
117 צומת ציפורים
(Tziporim Junction)
Fareskilt 20.PNG Birds Ramat Tziporim local road
121 צומת מדרשת בן גוריון
(Midreshet Ben Gurion Junction)
Fareskilt 20.PNG Ben Gurion College Midreshet Ben-Gurion local road
125 צומת שדה בוקר
(Sde Boker Junction)
Fareskilt 20.PNG Herding Field Sde Boker local road
126 צומת חלוקים
(Chalukim Junction)
Fareskilt 20.PNG Pebbles Har Halukim ISR-HW204.png Route 204
140 צומת טללים
(Tlalim Junction)
Fareskilt 20.PNG Dew drops Tlalim ISR-HW211.png Route 211
143 צומת משאבים
(Mash'abim Junction)
Fareskilt 20.PNG Resources Mashabei Sadeh ISR-HW222.png Route 222
152 צומת הנגב
(HaNegev Junction)
Fareskilt 20.PNG ISR-HW224.png Route 224
to Yeruham
156 צומת רמת בקע
(Ramat Beka Junction)
Fareskilt 20.PNG Rift Hill Ramat Beka' local road
159.7 צומת אל-דנפירי
(al-Danfiri Junction)
ILramzor2.svg al-Danfiri,
local road
160 צומת רמת חובב
(Ramat Hovav Junction)
ILramzor2.svg Ramat Hovav
Industrial Zone
local road
163 צומת מסעודין אל-עזאזמה
(Mas'udin al-Azazme Junction)
Fareskilt 20.PNG al-'Azazme,
Abu 'Afash
local road
164.3 צומת תראבין א-צאנע
(Tirabin as-Sana Junction)
ILramzor2.svg Tirabin al-Sana local road
167 צומת אוהלים/הנוקדים
(Ohalim/HaNokdim Junction)
ILramzor2.svg Tents/The Shepherds ISR-HW406.png Route 406
172 מחלף שרה
(Sara Interchange)
AB-AS-blau.svgILjunction-sarah.png Sarah Beer Sheva ISR-HW25.png Highway 25
176 צומת חטיבת הנגב
(Hativat HaNegev Junction)
AB-AS-blau.svgILjunction-hativathanegev.png Negev Brigade Beer Sheva ISR-HW60.png Highway 60
184 צומת גורל
(Goral Junction)
ILramzor2.svg Destiny ISR-HW406.png Route 406
191 צומת להבים
(Lehavim Junction)
ILramzor2.svg Named after location near Lehavim ISR-HW31.png Highway 31
ISR-HW310.png Route 310
197 צומת דבירה
(Devira Junction)
ILramzor2.svg Devira,
ISR-HW3255.png Road 3255
200 צומת קמה
(Kama Junction)
ILramzor2.svg Named after location Beit Kama ISR-HW293.png Route 293
209 צומת מאחז
(Ma'ahaz Junction)
AB-AS-blau.svgILjunction-maahaz.png Outpost Mishlat Ma'ahaz ISR-HW6.png Highway 6
214 צומת אחוזם
(Ahuzam Junction)
Fareskilt 20.PNG ult. Ahuzam, son of Asher[3] Ahuzam local road
216 צומת איתן
(Eitan Junction)
ILramzor2.svg Steadfast Eitan ISR-HW3403.png Road 3403
218 צומת עוזה
(Eitan Junction)
Fareskilt 20.PNG ult. Be Strong[4] Uza local road
219 צומת קרית גת דרום
(Kiryat Gat Darom)
ILramzor2.svg South Kiryat Gat Eitan ISR-HW3403.png Road 3403
(Derech HaDarom)
223 צומת פלוגות
(Plugot Junction)
ILramzor2.svg Kiryat Gat ISR-HW35.png Highway 35
226 צומת קוממיות
(Kom'miut Junction)
Fareskilt 20.PNG ISR-HW353.png Route 353
ISR-HW3553.png Road 3553
228 צומת סגולה
(Sgula Junction)
ILramzor2.svg Treasure Sgula ISR-HW3553.png Road 3553
229 צומת ניר בנים
(Nir Banim Junction)
Fareskilt 20.PNG Sons' Meadow Nir Banim ISR-HW3613.png Road 3613
231 צומת קדמה
(Kedma Junction)
Fareskilt 20.PNG Front Kedma local road
233 צומת תימורים
(Timorim Junction)
Fareskilt 20.PNG Rising Timorim local road
236 צומת מלאכי / קסטינה
(Malakhi Junction / Kastina)
ILramzor2.svg Angelic / Here we turned Kiryat Malakhi ISR-HW3.png Highway 3
237 צומת אחים
(Akhim Junction)
ILramzor2.svg Brothers Kfar Ahim,
Talmei Yehiel,
Academic College
local roads
239 צומת ראם / מסמיה
(Re'em Junction / Masmiya)
ILramzor2.svg Avraham Mordechai Alter &
location of former village
Bnei Re'em ISR-HW3.png Highway 3
239.3 (northbound only) Fareskilt 20.PNG Bnei Re'em
Commercial Zone
entrance road
239.9 Fareskilt 20.PNG Berurim
(HaZera Genetics
Seed Farm)
entrance road
240.5 צומת ראם צפון
(North Re'em Junction)
Fareskilt 20.PNG Bnei Re'em Oren St.
241.6 צומת חצב
(Hatzav Junction)
Fareskilt 20.PNG Drimia Hatzav entrance road
243.7 צומת חפץ חיים
(Hafetz Haim Junction)
ILramzor2.svg Desirer of life to Hafetz Haim
to Beit Hilkia
ISR-HW3933.png Road 3933
244.3 צומת חצור
(Hatzor Junction)
ILramzor2.svg Kannot Industrial Park,
Bene Ayish
ISR-HW3922.png Route 3922
244.8 מחלף גדרה
(Gedera Interchange)[5][6][7]
AB-AS-blau.svgILjunction-gedera.png presumed biblical location[8][9]
(probably incorrect)
ult. hedge fence
ISR-HW7.png Highway 7
245.4 ILramzor2.svg Gedera Ben Gurion Blvd
246.2 Fareskilt 20.PNG Gedera HaBiluyim St.
Tarmah St.
246.7 ILramzor2.svg Gedera Weizmann Blvd.
247.3 ILramzor2.svg Gedera Yitzhak Ben-Zvi St.
248.5 צומת תל נוף
(Tel Nof Junction)
ILramzor2.svg Named after location Beit Elazari,
Tel Nof Airbase
ISR-HW4103.PNG Road 4103
251.3 ILramzor2.svg Givat Brenner,
Kiryat Ekron
Local road
King Hassan II St.
252.1 צומת ברנר
(Brenner Junction)
ILramzor2.svg Named after location Givat Brenner,
Kiryat Ekron
ISR-HW411.png Route 411
ISR-HW4123.PNG Road 4123
252.4 ILramzor2.svg Kaplan Medical Center Derech Pasternak
252.9 צומת בילו
(Bilu Junction)
ILramzor2.svg Bilu Kibbutz Movement
ult. House of Jacob,
come let's go
Kfar Bilu,
ISR-HW412.png Route 412
255.1 ILramzor2.svg Ganei Hadar,
Ramot Meir,
ISR-HW4233.PNG Road 4233
255.6 צומת רחובות מזרח
(Rehovot Mizrach Junction)
ILramzor2.svg East Rehovot Rehovot Derech Menachem Begin
256 צומת סתריה
(Sitria Junction)
ILramzor2.svg named after Bedouin clan
originally in area
Sitria Shiv'at HaMinim St.
258 צומת ישרש
(Yashresh Junction)
Fareskilt 20.PNG (He) will take root Yashresh HaYarden St.
259.5 צומת רמלה דרום
(Ramla Darom Junction)
AB-AS-blau.svgILjunction-ramladarom.png South Ramle Ramle ISR-HW431.png Route 431
260.1 צומת צומת מצליח
(Matzliah Junction)
ILramzor2.svg named after
Sahl ben Matzliah
ISR-HW4304.png Road 4304
260.2 ILramzor2.svg Ramle Bialik St.
261.1 ILramzor2.svg Ramle Klausner St.
262.1 מחלף רמלוד
(Ramlod Interchange)
AB-AS-blau.svgILjunction-ramlod.png Combination of
Ramle and Lod
ISR-HW44.png Highway 44
263.5 צומת אחיסמך
(Ahisamakh Junction)
ILramzor2.svg Brother of Support Lod,
Derech HaRema
Shivat HaMinim St.
264.8 צומת לוד מרכז
(Lod Mercaz Junction)
ILramzor2.svg Lod Center Lod HaTziyonut Blvd.
267 צומת גינתון
(Ginaton Junction)
ILramzor2.svg little garden Lod,
Ben Shemen
ISR-HW443.png Route 443
Dr. Mordechai & Hava
Freeman St.
268.8 צומת לוד צפון
(Lod Tzafon Junction)
ILramzor2.svg Lod North Lod ISR-HW434.png Route 434
(Abba Hillel Silver St.)
269.2 מחלף לוד
(Lod Interchange)
Lod ISR-HW1 blue.PNG Highway 1
271.8 צומת אל על
(El Al Junction)
ILramzor2.svg Named after Airline
ult. onward, upward
Ben Gurion
International Airport
Airport City
ISR-HW46.png Highway 46
ISR-HW453.png Route 453
272 Zeichen 215 - Kreisverkehr, StVO 2000.svg Ben Gurion
International Airport
ISR-HW4503.png Road 4503
273.7 צומת תעשייה אווירית
(Ta'asiya Avirit Junction)
ILramzor2.svg Aviation Industry Israel
Aircraft Industries
local road
274.5 ILramzor2.svg Israel
Aircraft Industries
local road
275.1 צומת בדק
(Bedek Junction)
ILramzor2.svg Named after company:
Bedek Aviation Group
ISR-HW4613.png Road 4613
276 צומת טייסים
(Tayasim Junction)
ILramzor2.svg pilots Bnei Atarot,
ISR-HW461.png Route 461
278.1 צומת בארות יצחק
(Be'erot Yitzhak Junction)
ILramzor2.svg Isaac's Wells Be'erot Yitzhak local road
278.6 צומת נופך
(Nofekh Junction)
ILramzor2.svg name of stone[11]
in the Hoshen
Be'erot Yitzhak Mall
ISR-HW4623.png Road 4623
279 צומת מדשימים
(Magshimim Junction)
ILramzor2.svg ones who fulfill
their dreams
Magshimim HaTamar St.
279.6 צומת נחלים דרום
(Nehalim Darom Junction)
ILramzor2.svg streams south Nehalim Snir St.
280.5 צומת נחלים צפון
(Nehalim Tzafon Junction)
ILramzor2.svg streams north Nehalim Dan St.
280.7 מחלף שעריה
(Sha'ariya Interchange)
Named after
nearby neighborhood
ult.Gates of God
Petah Tikva ISR-HW471.png Route 471
281.6 ILramzor2.svg Petah Tikva Hoshea' St.
282.1 ILramzor2.svg Petah Tikva Shlomo St.
Ya'akov Hazan St.
282.7 צומת סירקין
(Sirkin Junction)
ILramzor2.svg named after
Nachman Sirkin
Petah Tikva,
Kfar Sirkin
Ein Ganim St.
ISR-HW4713.png Road 4713
(Va'ad Arba' Artzot St.)
283.3 ILramzor2.svg Petah Tikva A. D. Gordon St.
283.6 ILramzor2.svg Petah Tikva HaVatikim St.
284.3 צומת גנים
(Ganim Junction)
ILramzor2.svg gardens Petah Tikva,
Givat HaShlosha
HaRav Herzog St.
ISR-HW483.png Route 483
(Rosh HaAyin St.)
285 צומת סגולה
(Sgula Junction)
ILramzor2.svg named after nearby
commercial district
ult. talisman
Petah Tikva HaYarkonim St.
286.8 צומת הבפטיסטים
(HaBaftistim Junction)
ILramzor2.svg The Baptists Baptist Village,
Commercial Center,
Yarkon National Park,
Tel Afek
Natan Shifris St
287.3 מחלף ירקון
(Yarkon Interchange)
Named after Yarkon River ISR-HWB5.png Highway 5
288.3 צומת עדנים
(Adanim Junction)
ILramzor2.svg pleasures[12] Adanim,
Neve Ne'eman
Industrial Zone
ISR-HW402.png Route 402
(Derech Ramatayim)
289.2 Fareskilt 20.PNG Adanim local road
289.4 ILramzor2.svg HaSharon South
Regional Council
289.9 נווה ירק
(Neve Yarak Junction)
ILramzor2.svg home of greenery ISR-HW5112.png Road 5112
291.6 צומת אלישמע
(Elishama Junction)
ILramzor2.svg ult. named after
Elishama, son of Ammihud
Hod HaSharon,
Mevo Kedem St.
HaNarkis St.
293.2 מחלף אלישמע
(Elishama Interchange)
Hod HaSharon,
Kfar Saba
ISR-HW531.png Route 531
293.6 ILramzor2.svg Kfar Saba,
Atir Yeda
Industrial Zone
Atir Yeda St.
294 ILramzor2.svg Kfar Saba Weizmann St.
ISR-HW55.PNG Highway 55


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