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Highway 41
כביש 41
Kvish Arba'im ve'Ehad
Route information
Length: 3.9 km (2.4 mi)
Major junctions
West end:
  • Namal Ashdod Junction
  • Nir Galim Junction
East end:
Major cities: Ashdod
Highway system

Roads in Israel


Highway 41 is an arterial road in south-central Israel. It connects Highway 4 and Highway 7 to the Port of Ashdod. The designation "41" also applied to the continuation of the road eastward to Gedera until that section of the road was upgraded and renamed "7".


Within Ashdod, the road has been widened and reoriented. West of the former Hashmal Junction, instead of traveling west-southwest following Nir Galim Rd. and Tel Mor Rd. to Laskov Rd., the road has been rebuilt to continue due west ending at the new entrance to the Ashdod Port. A traffic light controlled intersection now provides access to Nir Galim Rd to the southwest and a new road northward to Eshkol Power Station and new industrial and commercial zones associated with the port.[1]

East of Ashdod, the highway has undergone reconstruction upgrading it to a controlled-access highway.[2] Traffic controlled junctions at Highway 4 and Highway 42 have been replaced by multi-level interchanges. Eastward between Highway 4 and Highway 40 the road has been widened, new interchanges built at Beit Rabban and Gedera, and the junction at Kannot Youth Village was eliminated. Upon completion in August 2014, this section of Highway 41 was renumbered "7" directly connecting to the existing Highway 7.[3][4][5][6][7]

Junctions (west to east)[edit]

km Name Type Meaning Location Roads crossed
0 ILramzor2.svg Port of Ashdod entrance to
new port terminal
0.4 ILramzor2.svg Ashdod,
Eshkol Power Station,
Israel Ports Industrial Park
Derech Nir Galim
0.6 צומת חשמל
(Hashmal Junction)
ILramzor2.svg electricity Ashdod
Eshkol Power Station
HaHashmal St
1.2 צומת נמל אשדוד
(Namal Ashdod Junction)
ILramzor2.svg Port of Ashdod Ashdod Industrial Zone 3,
Century Park Industrial Zone
HaMada St.
Bnei Brit Blvd.
2.4 צומת ניר גלים
(Nir Galim Junction)
ILramzor2.svg Meadow of Waves Ashdod Industrial Zone 3,
Nir Galim
HaNeft St.
HaHakla'it Blvd.
3.6 ILramzor2.svg Bnei Darom
Yeshivat Neve Herzog
3.9 מחלף אשדוד
(Ashdod Interchange)
AB-Kreuz-blau.svgILjunction-ashdod.png Ashdod ISR-HW4.png Highway 4
ISR-HW7.png Highway 7


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Coordinates: 31°49′40″N 34°42′37″E / 31.82778°N 34.71028°E / 31.82778; 34.71028