Highway 46 (Israel)

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Highway 46 is a short highway in central Israel. The road, just 4 km long, was paved in order to bypass the portion of Highway 40 that crosses the aviation industrial zone near Ben Gurion International Airport, a section of road that suffers from heavy traffic.

Junctions on the route[edit]

Kilometers Name Location Intersecting routes
Highway 46
0 צומת אל על
(El Al Junction)
Ben Gurion International Airport ISR-HW40.png Highway 40 (Israel)
ISR-HW453.png Route 453 (Israel)
4 צומת ברקת
(Bareket Junction)
Tirat Yehuda ISR-HW4613.png Road 4613

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Coordinates: 32°00′34″N 34°55′01″E / 32.00944°N 34.91694°E / 32.00944; 34.91694