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Highway 4
כביש 4
Hebrew: כביש נהריה - אשקלון, romanizedKvish Nahariyya–Ashqelon
Hebrew: כביש גהה, romanized: Kvish Geha
Hebrew: כביש חיפה - תל אביב הישן, romanized: Kvish Haifa–Tel Aviv HaYashan
Route information
Part of
(Ratified by Palestine but not by Israel)
Length205 km (127 mi)
Major junctions
South endErez Border Crossing with Gaza (Hevel Azzah Junction)
Major intersections
North endRosh HaNikra Border Crossing with Lebanon
Major citiesAshkelon, Ashdod, Yavne, Rishon LeZion, Holon, Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, Giv'atayim, Bnei Brak, Petah Tikva, Ramat Hasharon, Hod HaSharon, Kfar Saba, Ra'anana, Netanya, Hadera, Pardes Hanna-Karkur, Zikhron Ya'akov, Tirat Carmel, Haifa, The Kerayot, Acre, Nahariya
Highway system
Highway 3 Highway 5

Highway 4 (Hebrew: כּֽבִישׁ אַרְבַּע, Kvish Arba' ) is an Israeli highway that runs along Israel's entire coastal plain of the Mediterranean Sea, from the Rosh HaNikra border crossing with Lebanon in the North to the Erez Border Crossing with the Gaza Strip in the South. The highway follows in part the route of the ancient Via Maris.

Until the 1990s and the withdrawal of Israel Defense Forces from most of the Gaza Strip due to the Oslo Accords, Highway 4 continued all the way until Rafah and the Egyptian border. The part of the remaining highway in the Gaza Strip is called the Salah al-Din Road.

Although the highway is continuous, it is generally considered to be divided into five sections, each with its own nickname and characteristics such as a differing number of lanes and speed limits:

  • Northern Coastal Highway (Rosh Hanikra–Haifa). This section passes through the Krayot, Acre and Nahariya in Northern Israel. The southern third of the highway bisects the densely populated Krayot area and frequently experienced heavy traffic congestion until Highway 22, a bypass freeway located several kilometers to the east of Highway 4 was constructed in the early 2010s.
  • Haifa–Tel Aviv Highway (Haifa–Ra'anana). Commonly referred to in Israel as The Old Highway (Hebrew: הכביש הישן; כביש חיפה - תל אביב עם רמזורים) while Highway 2 is sometimes called The New Highway. The construction of this section started in the early 1930s, and by 1936, it had reached Khirbat Bayt Lid. During the 1936–39 Arab revolt in Palestine, the construction speed greatly increased in order to allow Jewish traffic from Tel Aviv and Petah Tikva to Haifa to bypass the Arab towns of Qalqilyah, Tulkarm and Jenin. The highway opened to traffic on 30 September 1937, reducing the travel distance between Tel Aviv and Haifa from 140 to 106 km.[1] The distance was further reduced to 96 km by 1942, when a direct road opened between Hadera and Binyamina bypassing Pardes Hanna.[2]
  • Geha Highway, or First President Road (Ra'anana–Azor). This functions as an important arterial road in the eastern portion of the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area. Designed as a shortcut to replace the southern section of the Old Haifa–Tel Aviv Highway, the construction of Geha Highway started in 1951, and was completed in 1968. The replaced section of the Old Highway was then re-designated as the northern section of Highway 40, and later in 2002, as Highway 402.
  • Tel Aviv–Ashdod Highway (Azor–Ashdod) was constructed in the early 1970s to relieve congestion on Highway 42, caused by the freight traffic to the Port of Ashdod which opened in 1965.
  • Southern Coastal Highway (Ashdod–Erez Crossing) is the oldest section of the highway: a road along this route had existed since before the Second World War.

The Tel Aviv–Ashdod and Geha sections are freeways. The rest of the highway consists of multiple lanes in each direction except between Erez Crossing and Yad Mordechai, Rosh HaNikra and Nahariya, and between Tirat Carmel just south of Haifa and Fureidis, which have a single lane of traffic in each direction. While there have been multiple proposals to widen the Haifa–Fureidis section, these have so far been blocked due to opposition from nearby residents who would like the highway in the area to retain its current rural character.

Current and planned construction[edit]

External video
video icon Netivei Yisrael video (YouTube) – Renderings of the freeway upgrade project in the Sharon region

As of 2016, Netivei Yisrael is planning a multi-billion Shekel project to convert the Sharon section of the highway (between the Dror Interchange and Highway 65 north of Hadera) into a freeway.[3] The project includes a massive interchange at the junction with Highway 57 and a long cut-and-cover tunnel with a road and intersections above it at the entrance to Hadera to separate local and intercity traffic.

Junctions and interchanges[edit]

Heavy morning traffic at Bar Ilan Interchange
Abba Hillel Silver Junction
External video
video icon Highway 4 video journey – driving on the Southern portion of the highway, from the Erez border crossing to just south of the Morasha Interchange (Highway 5).
km Name Type Meaning Location Road(s) crossed
Southern Coastal Highway
0 צומת חבל עזה
(Hevel 'Azza Junction)
Gaza Strip Erez border crossing local road
1 צומת נתיב העשרה
(Netiv HaAsara Junction)
Named after location Netiv HaAsara Highway 25
4 צומת יד מרדכי
(Yad Mordechai
Named after location Yad Mordechai Highway 34
6 צומת זיקים
(Zikim Junction)
Named after location Zikim Road 3411
8 צומת מבקיעים
(Mavki'im Junction)
Named after location Mavki'im local road
9 צומת אשקלון דרום
(Ashkelon Darom Junction)
Ashkelon South Ashkelon Bar-Lev Blvd.
11 צומת בת הדר
(Bat Hadar Junction)
Named after location Bat Hadar local road
12 צומת בית שיקמה
(Beit Shikma Junction)
Named after nearby
Beit Shiqma
Beit Shikma Road 3412
13 צומת אשקלון
(Ashkelon Junction)
Named after location Ashkelon Ben Gurion Blvd.
14 צומת ברכיה
(Berekhya Junction)
Named after location Berekhya Highway 35
15 צומת אבא הלל
(Abba Hillel Junction)
Named after
Abba Hillel Silver
Kfar Silver Highway 3
15.5 Ashkelon (North) Menachem Begin Blvd.
21 צומת אשכולות
(Eshkolot Junction)
Named after nearby
Eshkolot Farm
Nitzanim Route 232
22 צומת ניצנים
(Nitzanim Junction)
Named after location Nitzan Road 3631
24 צומת בית עזרא
(Beit Ezra Junction)
Named after location Beit Ezra HaEla St.
25 צומת אמונים
(Emunim Junction)
Named after nearby Emunim Ezer Road 3711
27 צומת שדה עוזיהו
(Sede uziyahu junction)
Named after location Sde Uziyahu Road 3712
27 צומת עד הלום
(Ad Halom Junction)
Named after location Ashdod
(Ad Halom Industrial Area)
local road
29 מחלף עד הלום
(Ad Halom Interchange)
Ashdod South Ashdod Menachem Begin Blvd.
30 צומת גן יבנה
(Gan Yavne Junction)
Named after location Gan Yavne Menachem Begin Blvd.
Tel Aviv–Ashdod Highway (Ashdod interchange - Morasha interchange freeway)
36 מחלף אשדוד
(Ashdod Interchange)
Named after location Port of Ashdod Highway 7
Highway 41
Highway 42
local road
44 מחלף יבנה
(Yavne Interchange)
Named after location Yavne Road 4111
51 מחלף חולות
(Holot Interchange)
Sand Dunes Rishon LeZion
only from/to south
Highway 20
53 מחלף ראשון דרום
(Rishon Darom Interchange)
South Rishon LeZion Rishon LeZion Highway 431
55 מחלף גן רווה
(Gan Rave Interchange)
Named after nearby
Gan Raveh
Regional Council
Rishon LeZion Highway 42
57 מחלף ראשון לציון
(Rishon LeZion
Named after location Rishon LeZion Route 441
60 מחלף חולון מזרח
(Holon Mizrah Interchange)
East Holon Holon,
Rishon LeZion
Jerusalem Blvd.
61 מחלף השבעה
(HaShiv'a Interchange)
Named after location Mishmar HaShiv'a Highway 44
62 מחלף גנות
(Ganot Interchange)
Named after location Ganot Highway 1
63 מחלף מסובים
(Mesubim Interchange)
Named after Kfar Mesubim,
a past ma'abara at the location[4]
Ramat Ef'al Route 461
65 מחלף אלוף שדה
(Aluf Sadeh Interchange)
Named after
Aluf Yitzhak Sadeh
Ramat Gan Aluf Sadeh St.
66 מחלף בר-אילן
(Bar Ilan Interchange)
Named after nearby
Bar-Ilan University
Ramat Gan Route 471
67 מחלף גבעת שמואל
(Giv'at Shmuel Interchange)
Named after location Giv'at Shmuel,
Bnei Brak
Mivtza Kadesh St.
69 מחלף גהה
(Geha Interchange)
Named after Geha Hospital
torn down to build interchange
Petah Tikva Route 481
(Jabotinski Road)
70 מחלף אם המושבות
(Em HaMoshavot Interchange)
Named after intersecting street Petah Tikva,
Bnei Brak
Route 482
(Em HaMoshavot Rd.)
73 מחלף מורשה
(Morasha Interchange)
Named after location Ramat Hasharon Highway 5
Haifa–Tel Aviv Highway
78 מחלף רעננה-כפר סבא דרום
(Ra'anana Darom Interchange)
South Ra'anana Ra'anana,
Kfar Saba
Route 554
(Tchernichovsky St.)
to Route 531
78 צומת רעננה
(Ra'anana Junction)
Named after location Ra'anana,
Kfar Saba
Route 541
(Ahuza St.)
Route 402
(HaShalom Rd.)
80 מחלף רעננה-כפר סבא צפון
(Ra'anana-Kfar Saba Tzafon
Named after location Ra'anana,
Kfar Saba
Begin Blvd.
Weizmann St.
83 מחלף בצרה
(Batzra Interchange)
Named after location Batzra Kibbutz Galuyot St.
84 צומת בני ציון
(Bnei Zion Junction)
Named after location Bnei Zion Road 5511
86 מחלף הדרים
(Hadarim Interchange)
Citrus fruit Tel Mond Route 551
88 מחלף דרור
(Dror Interchange)
Named after location Bnei Dror,
Even Yehuda
Route 553
91 צומת הדסים
(Hadasim Junction)
Named after location Tzoran-Kadima,
Hadassim Youth Village,
Even Yehuda
Herzl St.
94 צומת פרדסיה
(Pardesiya Junction)
Named after location Pardesiya Road 5613
(HaNassi Blvd.)
96 צומת השרון
(HaSharon Junction)
Named after Sharon Plain Nordiya Highway 57
98 צומת רופין
(Rupin Junction)
Named after location Ruppin Academic Center,
Kfar Monash
Road 5711
99 צומת העוגן
(Ha'Ogen Junction)
Named after location HaOgen,
Road 5700
102 צומת חפר
(Hefer Junction)
Named after Hefer Valley Kfar Vitkin Road 5720
104 צומת הרואה
(Haroeh Junction)
Named after location Kfar Haroeh Route 581
106 צומת יער חדרה
(Ya'ar Hadera Junction)
Hadera Forest Hefer Valley Highway 9
109 צומת חדרה
(Hadera Junction)
Named after location Hadera Shimoni St,
Herbert Samuel St.
111 צומת חרושת
(Haroshet Junction)
Factory Hadera HaShalom St.
113 צומת נחל חדרה
(Nahal Hadera Junction)
Hadera River Hadera Highway 65
115 צומת פל ים
(Pal-Yam Junction)
Named after location Caesarea Route 651
117 צומת אור עקיבא
(Or Akiva Junction)
Named after location Or Akiva Weizman Blvd.
119 צומת בנימינה
(Binyamina Junction)
Named after location Binyamina,
Or Akiva
Route 653
121 צומת בית חנניה
(Beit Hananya Junction)
Named after location Beit Hananya Road 6531
124 מחלף מעגן מיכאל
(Ma'agan Michael Interchange)
Named after location Ma'agan Michael local road
125 צומת זכרון יעקב
(Zikhron Ya'akov Junction)
Named after location Zikhron Ya'akov Nili Blvd.
128 צומת פוריידיס
(Fureidis Junction)
Named after location Fureidis,
Zikhron Ya'akov
Highway 70
129 צומת נחשולים
(Nahsholim Junction)
Named after location Nahsholim Road 7011
132 צומת עין איילה
(Ein Ayala Junction)
Named after location Ein Ayala HaRimon St.
133 צומת עופר
(Ofer Junction)
Named after location Ofer,
Kerem Maharal
Road 7021
134 צומת צרופה
(Tzrufa Junction)
Named after location Tzrufa local road
136 צומת גבע כרמל
(Geva Carmel Junction)
Named after location Geva Carmel local road
137 צומת עין כרמל
(Ein Carmel Junction)
Named after location Ein Carmel local road
140 צומת עין הוד
(Ein Hod Junction)
Named after location Ein Hod Road 7111
142 צומת אורן
(Oren Junction)

Named after nearby
kibbutz Beit Oren
Atlit Road 7110,
Route 721
143 צומת מגדים
(Megadim Junction)
Named after location Megadim local road
145 צומת החותרים
(HaHoterim Junction)
Named after location HaHoterim local road
147 צומת טירת כרמל
(Tirat Carmel Junction)
Named after location Tirat Carmel Jabotinski St.
147 צומת כפר גלים
(Kfar Galim Junction)
Named after location Kfar Galim local road
151 מחלף חיפה דרום
(Haifa Darom Interchange)
South Haifa Haifa
MATA"M Industrial Park
Highway 2
Highway 23
Northern Coastal Highway
153 צומת דרך הים
(Dereh HaYam Junction)
Road of the Sea
(Via Maris)
Ramat Haviv
Route 672; Etzel Street
156 מחלף אלנבי
(Allenby Interchange)
Named after
intersecting street
German Colony,
Wadi Nisnas
Allenby Road
160 מחלף חירם
(Hiram Interchange)
King Hiram I Haifa
Hadar HaCarmel
only from/to southbound
Highway 22
(Kishon Road)
162 מחלף גשר פז
(Gesher Paz Interchange)
Paz Bridge Haifa
Neve Yosef,
Neve Sha'anan
HaHashmal St.
162 מחלף גדוד 21
(Gedud 21 Interchange)
21st Battalion Haifa
to Technion
HaHashmal St.
163 מחלף הקריות / צ'קפוסט
(HaKerayot Interchange/
(British) Checkpost
Route 752
164 מחלף קישון
(Kishon Interchange)
Kishon River Haifa Highway 75
167 צומת וולקן
(Vulcan Junction)
Haifa Airport Moshe Dayan Road
168 מחלף מוטה גור
(Motta Gur Interchange)
Named after
Motta Gur
Kiryat Haim,
Kiryat Ata
Halutzei HaTa'asiya St.,
HaDshanim St.,
Haifa Road
169 צומת קרית חיים
(Kiryat Haim Junction)
Named after location Kiryat Haim,
Kiryat Ata
Ahi Eilat Blvd.,
HaAmakim St.
to Route 781
(Bialik St.)
170 צומת השופטים
(HaShoftim Junction)
Book of Judges Kiryat Bialik,
Kiryat Motzkin
Jerusalem Blvd.,
Goshen Blvd.
171 צומת העשור
(HaAsor Junction)
Decade Kiryat Bialik,
Kiryat Motzkin
Ben-Gurion Blvd.,
Weizman Blvd.
173 צומת אפק
(Afek Junction)
Tel Afek Kiryat Bialik Highway 79
173 צומת עין אפק
(Ein Afek Junction)
Ein Afek Kiryat Bialik Road 7911
173.7 Kiryat Bialik Giora St.
Gush Halav St.
174 צומת צור שלום
(Tzur Shalom Junction)
Named after location Kiryat Bialik Jerusalem Blvd.
174.3 Kiryat Bialik,
Kiryat Bialik
Industrial Zone
Hen Blvd.
175.7 Kiryat Bialik,
Kiryat Bialik
Industrial Zone
Yosef Levi Blvd.
176 מחלף כרי נעמן
(Karei Na'aman Interchange)

Named after
Karei Na'aman
Nature Reserve
Kiryat Bialik,
Kfar Masaryk
Highway 22
(Krayot Bypass)
177 צומת כפר מסריק
(Kfar Masaryk Junction)
Named after location Kfar Masaryk local road
179 צומת עין המפרץ
(Ein HaMifratz Junction)
Named after location Ein HaMifratz,
David Remez St.
181 צומת עכו מזרח
(Akko Mizrah Junction)
East Akko Akko Highway 85
184 צומת שומרת
(Shomrat Junction)
Named after location Akko Road 8510
186 צומת לוחמי הגטאות
(Lohamey HaGeta'ot Junction)
Named after location Lohamey HaGeta'ot local road
188 צומת רגבה
(Regba Junction)
Named after location Regba
Shavei Tzion
Road 8611
(HaIrus St.)
188.4 Mazra'a local road
189 צומת עברון
(Evron Junction)
Named after location Nahariya Zalman Shazar St.
189.8 Nahariya, Evron Isi laMolino Street
190.8 Nahariya, Evron Irit Street
191 צומת נהריה
(Nahariya Junction)
Named after location Nahariya Highway 89
191.2 northbound only Nahariya Derech Yechi'am
191.3 Nahariya HaMiyasdim Street
192 Nahariya Har Tabor Street
193.3 Nahariya Masryk Street
192.6 Nahariya Trumpeldor Street
193.1 Nahariya Har Meron Street
193.4 Nahariya David Ben Gaon Street
193.5 צומת סער
(Sa'ar Junction)
Sa'ar local road
194.3 Nehariya North
Industrial Zone
HaYotzrim Street
195.2 Nehariya North
Industrial Zone
local road
197.7 צומת גשר הזיו
(Gesher HaZiv Junction)
Named after location Gesher Haziv local road
198.1 Achziv Beach
National Park
local road
200.3 צומת לימן
(Liman Junction)
Named after location Liman HaTamar St.
200.7 Achziv Milu'ot
Industrial Zone
local road
201.7 צומת בצת
(Betzet Junction)
Named after location Betzet Route 899
203.7 צומת ראש הנקרה
(Rosh HaNikra Junction)
Named after location Rosh HaNikra local road
205.2 מעבר הגבול ראש הנקרה
(Rosh HaNikra
Border Crossing)
Named after location Rosh HaNikra grottoes


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