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Highway 5
5 כביש
Cross Samaria Highway
Route information
Length: 37 km (23 mi)
Major junctions
West end: Tel Aviv (Glilot Junction)
  • Glilot Interchange
  • Morasha Interchange
  • Yarkon Interchange
  • Kessem Interchange
East end: Ariel
Major cities: Ramat HaSharon, Hod HaSharon, Petah Tikva, Rosh HaAyin,
Highway system

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Highway 5, or the Trans-Samaria Highway (Hebrew: כביש חוצה שומרון‎‎, Kvish Hotze Shomron), is one of Israel's main highways, connecting the Mediterranean coast immediately north of Tel Aviv with the central Sharon plain and eastwards to Ariel and other Israeli settlements in the northern West Bank, known under the biblical name Samaria.

The name Highway 5 is commonly used to describe a section of the highway running from the road's western end at the Glilot Interchange until where it until it reaches the main entrance of Ariel. In this capacity it intersects and creates a connection between four important arterial freeways in the northern Tel Aviv area - The Coastal Highway (Highway 2), the Ayalon Highway (Highway 20), Geha Highway (Highway 4) and the Cross-Israel Highway (Highway 6). An alternate name for the entire highway is Kvish Hotze Shomron (Cross-Samaria highway) though sometimes this name is used when referring specifically to the section of the road in the West Bank, i.e., past the Green Line where it continues east towards the Jordan Valley in the West Bank. This section from the Green Line to its eastern end has also been dedicated as "Derekh Haim" (Haim's Road, but also "Way of Life") after the late Haim Landau, a former Israeli Minister of Transportation.

Highway 5 with its 3-5 high-capacity lanes in each direction initially reached only the up to the Green Line, and served mainly the densely populated Gush Dan area. In the West Bank, the main road was still the old Road 505, which is now partially closed to Jewish transportation. In the beginning of the 1990s, with the growth of Ariel and the settlements around it, arose the need for a more modern and wider road, than the single-lane low-quality Road 505. Therefore, Highway 5 was extended some 20 km to the east of the Green Line, ending almost within sight of Ariel and serving the largest block of the Israeli settlements in the northern West Bank counting about 50,000 people, as well as the massive Barkan Industrial Park. To this day, this section of Highway 5 remains one of the biggest infrastructure projects that Israel has undertaken in the West Bank.

On November 10, 2008, the last section from the Gitai Avisar Junction east of Barkan until Ariel was opened. From a roundabout at the Ariel junction, the highway merges into Road 505 which continues east past Ariel until Petza'el which is located on Route 90, the north-south road parallel to the Israel-Jordan border in the Jordan Valley.

Partly due to the heavy traffic congestion in the Gush Dan section of the road, construction is set to start in 2013 on Highway 531, a freeway which will parallel Highway 5 approximately 5–6 km to the north.


Highway 5 near Ramat HaSharon.
km Name Type Meaning Location Road(s) Crossed
0 מחלף גלילות מערב
(Glilot Ma'arav Interchange)
AB-Kreuz-blau.svgILjunction-glilot.png West Glilot Tel Aviv ISR-HW2.png
Highway 2
1 מחלף גלילות מזרח
(Glilot Mizrah Interchange)
AB-Kreuz-blau.svgILjunction-glilot.png East Glilot Tel Aviv ISR-HW20.png
Ayalon Highway
1.7 מחלף שדרות ירוב
(Yariv Blvd. Interchange)
eastbound only
AB-AS-blau.svgILjunction-sderotyariv.png Glilot Army Base Aharon Yariv Blvd.
3.3 מחלף הכפר הירוק
(HaKfar HaYarok Interchange)
AB-AS-blau.svgILjunction-yarok.png Named after nearby
HaKfar HaYarok
Ramat HaSharon
Tel Aviv
Route 482
5.8 מחלף מורשה
(Morasha Interchange)
AB-Kreuz-blau.svgILjunction-morasha.png Named after location Ramat HaSharon
(Morasha quarter)
Highway 4
8 מחלף תקווה
(Tikva Interchange)
AB-AS-blau.svgILjunction-tikva.png Named after location Petah Tikva,
Yarkon Cemetery
Zevulun Hammer Road
10.5 מחלף ירקון
(Yarkon Interchange)
AB-AS-blau.svgILjunction-yarkon.png Named after nearby
Yarkon River
Petah Tikva
Hod HaSharon
Highway 40
13.5 מחלף קסם
(Kessem Interchange)
AB-Kreuz-blau.svgILjunction-kesem.png Named after nearby
Kafr Qasim
Rosh HaAyin ISR-HW6.png ISR-HW444.png
Highway 6
Route 444
17 מחלף ראש העין מזרח
(Rosh HaAyin Mizrah Interchange)
AB-AS-blau.svgILjunction-roshhaayin.png Rosh HaAyin East Rosh HaAyin
Kafr Qasim
Road 5050
19.4 Green Line
21 מחלף שער שומרון
(Sha'ar Shomron Interchange)
AB-AS-blau.svgILjunction-shaarshomron.png Samaria Gate to Oranit,
stone quarry
Route 505
22 Qasim Security Checkpoint
Zeichen 267 - Verbot der Einfahrt, StVO 1970.svgNO westbound through-traffic for green (Palestinian Authority) license plates
33 מחלף ברוכין
(Bruchin Interchange)
AB-AS-blau.svgILjunction-bruchin.png Named after location Bruchin
Route 446
35 מחלף ברקן
(Barkan Interchange)
AB-AS-blau.svgILjunction-barkan.png Named after location Barkan
Barkan Industrial Park
Ariel West Industrial Zone
Road 4765
37 צומת גיתי
(Gitai Junction)
ILramzor2.svg Named after
Gitai Avisar
Route 505
40 צומת אריאל
(Ariel Junction)
Zeichen 215 - Kreisverkehr, StVO 2000.svg Named after location Ariel
Kifl Haris
Route 505

Coordinates: 32°06′16″N 34°59′25″E / 32.10444°N 34.99028°E / 32.10444; 34.99028