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Highway 70 is a highway in the coastal plain and Western Galilee in northern Israel. It connects the region of Zikhron Ya'akov to the Lower Galilee and to Kiryat Ata and Shlomi near Israel's border with Lebanon.

Description of the route[edit]

Highway 70 begins in the south at Zikhron Ya'akov interchange with Highway 2. It continues via Zikhron Ya'akov and Fureidis and after going northeast through Wadi Milk the road reaches Yokneam.

After Yokneam the road turns northwest toward Yagur and Kfar Hasidim until Yagur junction, paralleling the Jezreel Valley railway, then turns north toward Kiryat Ata and Shefaram and afterward continues through the Western Galilee until Shlomi.

At the end of the 1990s, the road was converted into a divided highway between Faradis junction and Avlayim junction, and the two junctions in between, Bat Shlomo junction and Elyakim junction, were reconstructed to interchanges, to enable uninterrupted travel from Mayer Shefaya junction to Yokneam junction.

Junctions on the route[edit]

Part 1 – Zikhron Ya'akov to Yokneam[edit]

Fureidis junction near Fureidis village and Highway 4

Part 2 – Yokneam to Yagur[edit]

Part 3 – Yagur to Hanita[edit]

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Coordinates: 32°45′34″N 35°05′03″E / 32.75944°N 35.08417°E / 32.75944; 35.08417