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Highway 71 is an east-west highway that passes through the eastern Jezreel Valley and the Beit She'an Valley, below the north slopes of the Gilboa mountains, in northern Israel. The road follows a path parallel to the Harod Creek in Harod Valley and to the Jezreel Valley railway. The road is 35 kilometres (22 mi) long, and it leads from Afula in the west, via Beit She'an, and it terminates at a border crossing on the Jordan River.

Junctions on the route[edit]

Kilometers Name Location Intersecting routes
כביש 71
0 - Afula Highway 65 (Israel)
1 - Afula Highway 60 (Israel), Route 7155
3 - Merhavia -
11 Navot junction Kfar Yehezkel Route 675 (Israel)
14 Yissachar junction Ein Harod Route 716 (Israel)
19 HaShita junction Beit HaShita Route 669 (Israel)
25 Beit She'an industrial zone Beit She'an Route 7078
27 She'an junction Beit She'an ISR-HW90.png Highway 90 (Israel)
29 Tel Ashtori junction Neve Eitan Route 7109
32 Maoz Hayyim junction Maoz Hayyim Route 6688
35 - Jordan River border crossing Crossing to Jordan Jordan
Towards Highway 65

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Coordinates: 32°33′30″N 35°22′15″E / 32.55833°N 35.37083°E / 32.55833; 35.37083