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Highway 75
כביש 75
Kvish Shiv'im ve'Hameish
Route information
Length: 40 km (20 mi)
Major junctions
West end: Kishon Interchange
  • Yagur junction
  • HaAmakim Junction
  • Yishai Junction
  • Nahalal Junction
  • Migdal Ha'emek Junction
  • HaMusachim Junction
East end: Natzrat Tzafon Junction
Major cities: Haifa, Kiryat Tiv'on, Migdal HaEmek, Yafia, Nazareth, Nazareth Illit
Highway system

Roads in Israel

Intersection of Highways 70 and 75, and Route 752 at Yagur Junction in 2009 before it was reconstructed as an interchange

Highway 75 is an east-west highway in northern Israel. It runs from Haifa in the west to Nazareth and Nazareth Illit in the east. It is 40 km long, and runs concurrently with Highway 70 for 4 km between Yagur Junction and Ha'amakim Junction.


Highway 75 begins in its confluence with Highway 22 just east of Downtown Haifa, from where it stretches as an elevated carriageway through the industrial area of East Haifa Bay just above sea level, where it crosses Road 4. It then runs south-eastward for about ten kilometers passing below the steep northeast slopes of the Carmel Range. At Amakim Junction, the road turns east, rising to about 160 meters above sea level. as it passes through Kiryat Tiv'on. It then descends crossing the northern edge of the Jezreel Valley. It ascends to 265 m. passing just north of Migdal HaEmek, and to over 300 m. as it enters Yafia and the natural bowl of the Nazareth Range of the Lower Galilee.

In Yafia and continuing into Nazareth, the road becomes a local thoroufare with frequent controlled intersections. At Nazareth South Junction, it detours around the southern edge of the Hirbat al-Dir neighborhood reaching HaMusachim Junction with the northern terminus of Highway 60 south of the Old City. It then makes a half circle around Nazareth, turning east, then north and then west along the border of Nazareth and Nazareth Illit, reaching an altitude of 460 m. just before terminating at Nazareth North Junction with Route 754 at 430 m.


As part of the western extension of the road, a series of viaducts are being constructed in order to connect it with the newly built Carmel Tunnels and Highway 22 towards downtown Haifa. The completion of this project is expected in 2013.

Junctions (west to east)[edit]

km Name Type Meaning Location Road(s) Crossed
0 מחלף קישון
(Kishon Interchange)
AB-AS-blau.svgILjunction-kishon.png Named after
Kishon River
Haifa ISR-HW22.png Highway 22
1 מחלף קישון
(Kishon Interchange)
ILramzor2.svgILjunction-kishon.png Haifa ISR-HW4.png Highway 4
4.6 מחלף נשר
(Nesher Interchange)
AB-AS-blau.svg Named after
Nesher Cement Factory
Haifa ISR-HW4.png Highway 4
Highway 79 concurrent with Highway 70 between Yagur and HaAmakim Junctions
6.9 מחלף יגור
(Yagur Interchange)
Named after
former location
Yagur ISR-HW70.png Highway 70
ISR-HW752.png Route 752
10.9 צומת העמקים
(HaAmakim Junction)
ILramzor2.svg The Valleys ISR-HW70.png Highway 70
Highway 79 concurrent with Highway 70 between Yagur and HaAmakim Junctions
11.5 Fareskilt 20.PNG Kiryat Tiv'on,
Oranim Academic College,
Kfar Tikva
ISR-HW7213.png Road 7213
12.8 צומת שער העמקים
(Sha'ar HaAmakim Junction)
Fareskilt 20.PNG Gate of the Valleys Sha'ar HaAmakim
14.7 ILramzor2.svg Kiryat Tiv'on Yitzhak Rabin St.
Alonim St.
15.2 ILramzor2.svg Kiryat Tiv'on,
Beit Zaid
Borochov St.
15.9 צומת השומרים
(HaShomrim Junction)
ILramzor2.svg The Guards Kiryat Tiv'on
Sde Ya'akov
ISR-HW722.png Route 722
16.5 צומת אלונים
(Alonim Junction)
ILramzor2.svg Oaks Alonim ISR-HW7513.png Road 7513
17.7 צומת ישי
(Yishai Junction)
ILramzor2.svg Jesse Ramat Yishai ISR-HW77.png Highway 77
18.4 ILramzor2.svg Ramat Yishai HaShikma St.
19.5 (eastbound only) Fareskilt 20.PNG Ramat Yishai HaAlon St.
19.6 ILramzor2.svg Ramat Yishai,
Ramat Yishai
Industrial Zone
HaDekel St.,
Eucalyptus St.
20.4 Fareskilt 20.PNG House of Gates Beit She'arim,
Neve Ya'ar
Agricultural Research
HaEtz HaGadol St.
21.6 Fareskilt 20.PNG Manshiyat az-Zabda
23.2 צומת נהלל
(Nahalal Junction)
ILramzor2.svg Named after
biblical location
Nahalal ISR-HW73.png Highway 73
ISR-HW7626.png Road 7626
23.9 Fareskilt 20.PNG Timrat
25.2 צומת מגדל העמק מערב
(Migdal Ha'emek Ma'arav Junction)
ILramzor2.svg Migdal HaEmek West Migdal HaEmek ISR-HW7555.png Road 7555
(HaBanim Blvd.)
27.7 צומת כפר החורש
(Kfar HaHoresh Junction)
Fareskilt 20.PNG Ploughman's Village Kfar HaHoresh local road
27.8 צומת מגדל העמק
(Migdal Ha'emek Junction)
Fareskilt 20.PNG The Valley Tower Migdal HaEmek Sha'ul Amor Blvd.
30.2 צומת מגדל העמק מזרח
(Migdal Ha'emek Mizrah Junction)
Fareskilt 20.PNG Migdal HaEmek East Migdal HaEmek ISR-HW7756.png Road 7756
(HaBanim Blvd.)
30.7 Zeichen 215 - Kreisverkehr, StVO 2000.svg Yafia 111 St.,
215 St.
31.3 Fareskilt 20.PNG Yafia 201 St.
31.2 Zeichen 215 - Kreisverkehr, StVO 2000.svg Yafia 101 St.,
130 St.
31.8 Zeichen 215 - Kreisverkehr, StVO 2000.svg Yafia 310 St.,
402 St.
32.4 Zeichen 215 - Kreisverkehr, StVO 2000.svg Yafia 330 St.
Derekh Haifa
32.9 Fareskilt 20.PNG Nazareth 5104 St.
33.2 Zeichen 215 - Kreisverkehr, StVO 2000.svg Nazareth 5070 St.,
1004 St.
33.3 Fareskilt 20.PNG Western Quarter
Bir al-Amir
Nazareth 1001 St.,
5089 St.
33.6 צומת נצרת דרום
(Natzrat Darom Junction)
ILramzor2.svg Nazareth South Nazareth Paulus HaShishi St.,
Marj ibn Amer St.
Derekh HaTziyonut
34.4 ILramzor2.svg Nazareth 3002 St.
35 ILramzor2.svg Nazareth 3008 St.,
Wadi al-Hajj St.
35.4 צומת המוסכים
(HaMusakhim Junction)
ILramzor2.svg Auto Repair Shops Nazareth ISR-HW60.png Highway 60,
Tawfiq Ziad St
36.2 ILramzor2.svg Nazareth Illit Derekh HaEmek
36.7 ILramzor2.svg Nazareth
Nazareth Illit
A-Shuhada' St.,
Derekh HaHativot
37.1 ILramzor2.svg Nazareth
Nazareth Illit
Derekh Kiryat HaMemshala,
Ma'ale Yitzhak Blvd.
38.2 ILramzor2.svg Nazareth Illit Hermon St.
40 צומת נצרת צפון
(Natzrat Tzafon Junction)
ILramzor2.svg Nazareth North Nazareth ISR-HW754.png Route 754
(HaGalil St.)


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Coordinates: 32°42′35″N 35°08′11″E / 32.70972°N 35.13639°E / 32.70972; 35.13639