Highway 77 (Israel)

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Highway 77
כביש 77
Kvish Shiv'im v'Sheva'
Route information
Length42 km (26 mi)
Major junctions
West endYishai Junction
East endBank Leumi Junction
Major citiesRamat Yishai, Tiberias
Highway system
Roads in Israel
Highway 77 passes through the Beit Netofa Valley.

Highway 77 is an east-west highway in northern Israel. It crosses the Lower Galilee in the region of Beit Netofa Valley. The road leads from Yishai junction next to Ramat Yishai to Tiberias. It is 42 km long (not including the 5 km extension to Tel Qashish which is currently under construction).

Completion of the western-most section of the road, from Tel Qashish/Highway 6 to the future Yishai interchange will form the final link of a freeway corridor extending from southern Israel to the central Galilee. Construction on this section started in late 2016 at a cost of NIS 630 million (appx. US$200 million). The Hamovil–Golani section is also being converted to a freeway at the same time at a cost of NIS 360 million, making the entire western 33 km of the road a freeway by the year 2020.

Junctions on the route[edit]

km Name Type Meaning Location Intersecting routes
מחלף תל קשיש
(Tel Qashish Interchange)
AB-Kreuz-blau.svg named after adjacent
archeological site
Tel Qashish,
ISR-HW70.png Highway 70/
ISR-HW6.png Highway 6
0 Yishai Junction 19-א Israely road sign.svg Jesse Ramat Yishai ISR-HW75.png Highway 75
Yishai Interchange AB-Kreuz-blau.svg Planned[1]
8 Zarzir Interchange AB-AS-blau.svg starling Zarzir Route 7626
12 HaMovil Interchange AB-Kreuz-blau.svg aqueduct HaSolelim ISR-HW79.png Highway 79
22 Beit Rimon Junction 19-א Israely road sign.svg house of pomegranate Kafr Kanna ISR-HW754.png Route 754
Beit Rimon Interchange AB-AS-blau.svg Planned
28 Golani Interchange AB-Kreuz-blau.svgILjunction-golani.svg named after
Golani Brigade
Ilaniya ISR-HW65.png Highway 65
36 Poriya Junction 19-א Israely road sign.svg fruitful Tiberias,
to Poria
ISR-HW768.png Route 768
39 Kfar Hittim Junction 19-א Israely road sign.svg village of wheat Tiberias Route 7717
42 Bank Leumi Junction 19-א Israely road sign.svg named for longstanding
location of bank[2]
Tiberias ISR-HW90.png Highway 90

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Coordinates: 32°46′21″N 35°16′09″E / 32.77250°N 35.26917°E / 32.77250; 35.26917