Highway 80 (Israel)

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Tel Arad and Highway 80

Highway 80 is a north-south highway in southern Israel, east of Beersheba. It connects Ar'arat an-Naqab in the south to Metzadot Yehuda in the north. It is 34 km long.

Junctions on the route[edit]

Kilometers Name Location Intersecting routes
כביש 80
0 Ar'ara BaNegev junction Ar'arat an-Naqab Highway 25 (Israel)
21 Tel Arad junction Kasseifa Highway 31 (Israel)
34 Junction near Metzadot Yehuda Metzadot Yehuda Route 316 (Israel)

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Coordinates: 31°13′45″N 35°06′22″E / 31.22917°N 35.10611°E / 31.22917; 35.10611