Highway 92 (Israel)

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Highway 92 is a north-south highway in northeastern Israel. It follows the eastern edge of the Kinneret from Ma'agan junction in the south at Highway 98 to Yehudiya junction in the north at Highway 87. It is 24 km long.

Junctions on the route[edit]

Kilometers Name LOcation Intersecting routes
Highway 92
0 Ma'agan Junction Ma'agan ISR-HW-98.svg Highway 98 (Israel)
1.5 Tel Katzir Junction Tel Katzir Entrance to Tel Katzir
3 Kibbutz HaOn Entrance HaOn Entrance to HaOn
10 Ein Gev Junction Ein Gev Entrance to Ein Gev and Susita
15 Smakh Junction Kursi beach Route 789
19 Ramot Junction Ramot (moshav) Entrance to Ramot
21 Ma'ale Gamla Junction Near Ma'ale Gamla Route 869
24 Yahudiya Junction Near Yehudiya forest ISR-HW-87.svg Highway 87 (Israel)

Places of interest near Highway 92[edit]

  • Kibbutz HaOn
  • Monument for Turkish soldiers
  • Sussita archaeological site
  • Kursi national park
  • Luna-Gal beach
  • Beit Tzeidah valley and nature reserve

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Coordinates: 32°47′19″N 35°38′33″E / 32.78861°N 35.64250°E / 32.78861; 35.64250