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Highway 99 is an east-west highway in the Finger of the Galilee in far northeast of Israel and the Golan Heights. It begins in the west at HaMetzodot junction in Kiryat Shmona, and it ends in the east at the Druze city of Mas'ade. After it reaches the Banias tributary, the road follows the path of Sa'ar River. Highway 99 is 24 km long.

Junctions on the route[edit]

Kilometers Name Location Intersecting routes
Highway 99
0 HaMetzudot Junction Kiryat Shmona ISR-HW90.png Highway 90 (Israel)
4 HaGoshrim Interchange HaGoshrim Entrance to HaGoshrim
5 Hurshat Tal Junction Hurshat Tal Route 918
11 Si'on Junction Route 999
14 Banias Junction Banias Petroleum Road
17 Sa'ar Junction Sa'ar Route 989
24 Mas'ade Junction Mas'ade ISR-HW98.png Highway 98 (Israel)

Places of interest near Highway 99[edit]

  • Hurshat Tal (חורשת טל)
  • Tel Dan (שמורת תל דן)
  • Nahal Snir (שמורת נחל שניר)
  • Beit Osishkin Museum (מוזיאון בית אוסישקין)
  • Banias (בניאס) archaeological site
  • Waterfalls of Sa'ar River (נחל סער)
  • Resisim Waterfall (מפל רסיסים)
  • Odem Forest (יער אודם)
  • Birkat Ram (ברכת רם)

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Coordinates: 33°14′46″N 35°40′00″E / 33.24611°N 35.66667°E / 33.24611; 35.66667