A3 motorway (Serbia)

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Autoput A 3 shield}}

Autoput A 3
Аутопут А3
Autoput A3
Route information
Part of
Length 92.5 km (57.5 mi)
Major junctions
From Motorway-A1-Hex-Green.svg (Belgrade bypass) at Dobanovci interchange
  State Road 21 at Ruma
To Motorway-A3-Hex-Green.svg A3 at Batrovci broder crossing Croatia
Major cities Belgrade, Ruma, Sremska Mitrovica
Highway system

Motorways in Serbia


The A3 motorway (Serbian: Аутопут А3 / Autoput A3) is a motorway in Serbia which spans approximately 92 kilometers (57 mi) and is part of the European route E70 through Serbia. It crosses the Syrmia region from east to west, starting at Belgrade and ending at border crossing with Croatia.


The A3 motorway runs from Belgrade through which it goes (as currently non-designated route). At the major Dobanovci interchange, A3 meets the Belgrade bypass. The bypass branches southwards across the Ostružnica Bridge towards the State road 22, southern branch of the A1 motorway (Serbia) (Belgrade–Niš) and the future A2 motorway; and northwards to the northern branch of A1 (Belgrade–Subotica). From Dobanovci A3 continues westwards through the Syrmia region, along the towns of Ruma and Sremska Mitrovica ending near Šid, at Batrovci border crossing with Croatia.

A3 near Dobanovci interchange

The main toll stations of the A3 are located at Šimanovci and Batrovci near Šid. The section from Belgrade to Šimanovci is toll-free, serving as a one of main city arteries. It includes the exit to Nikola Tesla Airport, located just south of the A3.

The A3 motorway is part of the old Belgrade-Zagreb motorway, known as Brotherhood and Unity Motorway which was built after the World War II, by the young volunteers, and opened to traffic in 1950, first as a single carriageway.[1] The second carriageway from Belgrade to Sremska Mitrovica was completed in 1977, while section from Sremska Mitrovica to Šid was opened to traffic in 1987.[citation needed]

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