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Highway M01
Автошлях M01
Route information
Length: 205.6 km (127.8 mi)
224.4 km (139.4 mi) with access roads
Length: 205.6 km (127.8 mi)
224.4 km (139.4 mi) with access roads
South end: (Kiev) ()
(Kipti) (M02)
North end: (Novi Yarylovychi) (M8) Belarus
Length: 91.0 km (56.5 mi)
96 km (59.7 mi) with access roads
South end: (Kiev) ()
North end: (Kipti) (M02)
Regions: Kiev City, Kiev Oblast, Chernihiv Oblast
Highway system
Roads in Ukraine

M01 is a Ukraine international highway (M-highway) that stretches from the state capital, Kiev, to the northern border with Belarus.[1]

Together with the M05 it is a part of the European routes E95 (Saint PetersburgKievOdessa SamsunMerzifon) and the Trans-European transportation corridor IX. Also together with the M02 it is part of E101 (KievMoscow).[2]

Route / Junctions[edit]

The start intersection is mistakenly identified here as M02 (upper-right corner).

is 205.6 km (127.8 mi) long going in the north-south direction. Its southern end is in Kiev at intersection of Academician Hlushkov Parkway (Akademika Hlushkova Avenue) and Academician Zabolotny Parkway (Akademika Zabolotnoho Avenue).

M 01 road exiting Kyiv

The intersection connects with which combine route within Ukraine. Coming through the city of Kiev it crosses Dnipro at Paton's bridge and continuing towards Brovary Parkway by Voziednannya Parkway. Coming from there the highway goes around Brovary (one branch goes through the city and rejoins the route), then goes around Kozelets crossing a river and continuing north. Not far north from Kozelets splits north of Kipti traveling east by Highway , while continues north towards Chernihiv. Near village of Yahidne, south of Chernihiv, spurs with one branch and going west and then north around Chernihiv crossing another river; and second branch continues without deviation through the city, crossing the same river as the main route and after 13.7 km rejoins it north of Chernihiv. Shortly after Chernihiv goes right through the village of Ripky with numerous private homes located close to the road. After Ripky the next important settlement is Novi Yarylovychi that is located just south of the border with Belarus. The border, however, is located about 10 kilometres (6 mi) north of the settlement past the village of Skytok. The section from Kiev to Chernihiv is a dual carriageway, from Chernihiv it continues as a single carriageway.

Highway M01
Marker Main settlements Notes Highway Interchanges
0 km Kiev ( - ) • H01H07
22 km Brovary Bypass
91 km Kipti
128 km Chernihiv Bypass
164 km Ripky
206 km Novi Yarylovychi / Border (Belarus) (M8)Belarus


Repairs to the highway in Ukraine have started in 2007 and are planned to be finished before UEFA Euro 2012.[3]

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