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Highway M06
Автошлях M06
Route information
Length 821.5 km (510.5 mi)
846.2 km (525.8 mi) with city routes
Length 1.0 km (0.6 mi)
East end (Kiev) ()
West end (Lviv) ()
(West Ukraine)
Length 210.0 km (130.5 mi)
North end (Lviv)
South end (Mukachevo)
Length 1.0 km (0.6 mi)
East end (Stryi) ()
West end (Uzhhorod) ()
Length 1.0 km (0.6 mi)
East end (Uzhhorod)
West end (Chop) (M34)Hungary
Regions: Kiev, Kiev Oblast, Zhytomyr Oblast, Rivne Oblast, Lviv Oblast, Zakarpattia Oblast
Highway system
Roads in Ukraine

is a Ukrainian international highway (M-highway) connecting Kiev to the Hungarian border near Chop, where it connects to the Hungarian Highway M34.[1]

General overview[edit]

is a major transnational corridor and along with combines into .[2] The highway is also part of the 3rd and 5th Pan-European Transportation corridors as well as the "Europe-Asia" Transportation corridor. It is the second longest route spanning over 800 kilometres (500 mi). For most of its length it is categorized as the category Ia highway in Ukraine (see Roads in Ukraine). connects four major European routes , , , and .


The route from Lemberg via Stryj to the then Austro-Hungarian border belonged until 1918 to the Austrian crown land of Galicia and was called the Stryjer Reichsstraße.[3]


From Kiev to Lviv M06 is part of the , from Lviv to Mukacheve - on which from Stryi (Lviv Region) to Uzhhorod also follows , and then from Uzhhorod to the Hungarian border by .

From Kiev to Rivne, the road features 2 lanes in both directions with physical separation, with the exception of Zhytomyr bypass. From Rivne on, the road is mostly a single carriageway, though some dual carriageway sections exist.

Main route[edit]

Main route and connections to/intersections with other highways in Ukraine.

The route starts at the intersection of the Kiev's beltway and Victory Parkway (Prospekt Peremohy), for which it serves as an extension. It used to be known as Brest-Litovsk Highway (Brest-Lytovske Shose).

Highway M06
Marker Main settlements Notes Highway Interchanges
0 km Kiev /( - ) • H01H07
103 km Korostyshiv Bypass 17 km (11 mi)
128 km Zhytomyr Bypass 25 km (16 mi) H03
220 km Novohrad-Volynskyi Bypass 15 km (9.3 mi)
258 km Korets Bypass 9 km (5.6 mi)
322 km Rivne Bypass 18 km (11 mi) H22
374 km Dubno
441 km Brody
530 km Lviv Bypass 24 km (15 mi) (alt. ) • [a]H17H02(Vynnyky) • H09
612 km Stryi H10
651 km Skole
744 km Svaliava
770 km Mukacheve H09
821 km Chop / Border (Hungary) HungaryM34

^a). intersects on its city's northern access route away from the main branch.

Access routes[edit]

The highway passes the following cities going around them, however it has spurred away access routes towards them.


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