Highway M12 (Ukraine)

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Highway M12
Автошлях M12
Route information
Part of E50 E584
Length746.7 km (464.0 mi)
756.1 km (469.8 mi) with city routes
Major junctions
West end M06 / H10 in Stryi
  M19 / H02 in Ternopil
M21 near Vinnytsia
M05 / H16 in Uman
M13 / H14 / H23 in Kropyvnytskyi
East end M04 in Znamianka
Regions:Lviv Oblast, Ternopil Oblast, Khmelnytskyi Oblast, Vinnytsia Oblast, Cherkasy Oblast, Kirovohrad Oblast
Highway system
Roads in Ukraine

M12 is a Ukrainian international highway (M-highway) connecting Lviv Oblast to Central Ukraine, where after crossing the Dnieper it continues further as the M04.[1]

General overview[edit]

The M12 is a major transnational corridor and along with the M04 combines into E50. The highway is also part of the Gdańsk - Odessa Transportation corridor on the segment from Ternopil to Uman. It is one of the longest routes spanning nearly 800 km (500 mi).


For the entire route from Stryi to Znamianka the M12 is part of the E50, however in Kropyvnytskyi it is also joined by the E584 that travels from Moldova to Poltava.[2]

Main Route[edit]

Main route and connections to/intersections with other highways in Ukraine.

Highway M12
Marker Main settlements Notes Highway Interchanges
0 km Stryi E50/ E471 M06 H10
Rohatyn H09
Ternopil Bypass E85 M19 H02
Khmelnytskyi Bypass H03
Vinnytsia Bypass E583 M21
Uman E85 M05 H16
Kropyvnytskyi E584 M13 H14 H23
746 km Znamianka E50/ E584 M04 H01

Access routes[edit]

The highway passes the following cities going around them, however it has spurred away access routes towards them.


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