Higinio Cazón

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Higinio Cazón

Higinio D. Cazón (1866–1914) was a musician and Songwriter.

His minstrel activity led to many parts of the Republic, but the preferred center of their performances was in Buenos Aires and the people of this province. He published a booklet called joy and sorrow, which included his composition Ombú Under Generous, which gave him great satisfaction as a poet. On June 30, 1896, he got into a contrapuntal payada with Gabino Ezeiza. The place of the meeting was the Doria theater stage, in Buenos Aires. A little later, along with other minstrels, he performed on the same stage, in a benefit for the widow and children of the poet and troubadour Paul J. López. Frank man skills, managed to form strong friendships with other minstrels of his time and result of this was the group formed Madariaga and Villoldo (author of the unforgettable tango The brunette), acting in the theater company headed by Herminia Mancini. He died suddenly in Balcarce, Buenos Aires, during a tour in 1914. His memory has survived in several contemporary compositions dedicated to him or evoked in tango lyrics, as did Catullus Castillo, in point of Café de los Angelitos.[1]