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Hiiro no Kakera
Hiiro no Kakera Coverart.png
Hiiro no Kakera original visual novel cover.
Genre Fantasy, Supernatural, Romance
Developer Idea Factory
Publisher Idea Factory
Genre Otome game, Visual novel
Platform PS2, NDS, PSP
  • JP July 6, 2006
Anime television series
Directed by Bob Shirohata
Written by Yoshiko Nakamura
Music by Hikaru Nanase
Studio Studio Deen
Licensed by
Original run April 1, 2012June 24, 2012
Episodes 13
Anime television series
Hiiro no Kakera: Dai Ni Shō
Directed by Bob Shirohata
Studio Studio Deen
Licensed by
Original run October 1, 2012December 23, 2012
Episodes 13
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Hiiro no Kakera (緋色の欠片?, lit. Scarlet Fragments), is a Japanese visual novel created by Idea Factory directed at the female market, known as an otome game. Released on July 6, 2006 for the PlayStation 2, the protagonist is a teenage girl who revisits a small village she remembers from her childhood and gets caught up in her family's history and supernatural dangers surrounding it. A 13-episode anime adaptation by Studio Deen aired in Japan between April and June 2012 and was licensed in North America by Sentai Filmworks. A second season began airing on October 1, 2012 to December 23, 2012.



The protagonist is a teenage girl (Tamaki) who revisits a small village she remembers from her childhood and gets caught up in her family's history and the supernatural dangers surrounding it. While walking along the hillsides waiting for the person who her grandmother sent to fetch Tamaki to the village, Tamaki comes across a small, white round object which has sticks for limbs and can talk. It runs off soon after with Tamaki chasing after it. Soon Tamaki finds herself in a place where "it does not feel like the world I came from." She gets attacked by three slime creatures, and a mysterious man comes charging in to save her tells her to be quiet. After the young man (Takuma) saves her he walks her to the village where her grandmother is staying. Soon after her arrival she meets with her grandmother. It's later explained that she has to continue the role of ancestor princess (Tamayori), to seal the sword Onikirimaru with the help of her five guardians.


Main characters[edit]

Tamaki Kasuga (春日 珠紀 Kasuga Tamaki?)
Voiced by: Marie Miyake (Japanese), Emily Neves (English)
The main protagonist of the series. Her name is changeable in the PS2 and DS version. She is the next Tamayori Princess after her grandmother. She is very connected with, and can sense through her body, whenever something happens to the Onikirimaru seals. When she first comes to the village, she had no idea what was going on. But as the story progresses, she gets used to all the unusual things happening around her. She is known to have strong faith even when the situation appears hopeless. Near the end of the series she finally awakens completely as the new Tamayori Princess, and was able to put a stop to the sacrificing and the Onikirimaru. The new power associated with the Tamayori Princess grants her several abilities such as self-defense and barrier formation. She was saved by Takuma as soon as she arrives, but starts hating him because of his attitude toward her. They then end up being in the same class as each other. When she meets all 5 guardians, she is not accepted much because she was "useless", and they grew up as tools who live only to protect her. But later in the story she is accepted by the 5 guardians after showing she truly cares for them. She later falls in love with Takuma, and discovers they were lovers in their past life, in which he promised to become one of her guardians in their current life, which he did. She is also the only one who can stop Takuma's power from taking over his body. She had stated her hobby is visiting shrines and temples.
Takuma Onizaki (鬼崎 拓磨 Onizaki Takuma?)
Voiced by: Tomokazu Sugita (Japanese), Andrew Love (English)
He is the male lead character in the series and the first guardian to meet Tamaki. He at first does not accept her, and shows a cold attitude towards her. He later finds out they are to be classmates. Although he is annoyed with Tamaki at first, he grows to accept her, and even falls in love with her. Takuma as powerful strength, and finds out he is the descendant of the oni, whose power is very hard to control, especially when near the sealed magical sword Onikirimaru. At times, the power inside of him starts to take over, but he becomes himself again when Tamaki is with him. His hobby is doing crosswords and he likes eating taiyaki. It's revealed that he's actually the reincarnation of the Underworld God, and was Tamaki's lover in their past life.
Mahiro Atori (鴉取 真弘 Atori Mahiro?)
Voiced by: Kousuke Okano (Japanese), Greg Ayres (English)
An upperclassman of the main character and one of the five guardians. Mahiro is the descendant of the raven and can control the wind. He is extremely self-conscious when it comes to his height, because although he is older than most of them, he is shortest. He is usually very loud, energetic, short-tempered, and sometimes immature. He is not afraid to say what he feels, however, when needed, he can show a serious and deep side. He likes women with big breasts and loves motorbikes, meat & Yakisoba sandwiches. At the beginning he disliked Tamaki because he thought he was just her tool. There were several instances where he took his anger out on her. Later, however, he sees that she truly cares about his and the others' well-being. He grows fond and protective of her. Throughout the series there are hints that he may be in love with her, but he accepts Tamaki's and Takuma's relationship because he feels that Takuma is the only one meant to be with her.
Yuuichi Komura (狐邑 祐一 Komura Yūichi?)
Voiced by: Daisuke Namikawa (Japanese), David Matranga (English)
An upperclassman of the main character and another of the five guardians. Yuichi is the descendant of the nine-tailed fox and specializes in using illusions and spirit fire. He is very quiet and can be emotionless. He can be found a lot of the times in the library, reading a book. He Likes spacing out and has the ability to sleep anywhere at anytime. His hobby is just relaxing & laying on the grass in the sun.
Shinji Inukai (犬戒 慎司 Inukai Shinji?)
Voiced by: Hiroki Shimowada (Japanese), Corey Hartzog (English)
He is the youngest guardian, and is a grade below the Tamaki and Takuma. Shinji has the power of healing (kaifuku) and can use the power of words to control things. It is hinted he and Mitsuru were close before he went away, and were possibly in love. although, not much about their relationship is revealed. His hobby is cooking and is skilled at it. It's revealed that he was giving information to Logos and later finds out he is the twin to Mitsuru in the Dai Ni Shou.
Suguru Oomi (大蛇 卓 Ōmi Suguru?)
Voiced by: Daisuke Hirakawa (Japanese), Illich Guardiola (English)
Unofficial leader of the guardians and descendant of the giant snake. The tactician of the group and can also create powerful seals and barriers and also controls water. He is very polite and reliable but has a childish side. He is usually seen smiling. Loves drinking tea and teaches calligraphy. He has a strong dislike for Drei, but still keeps himself in line. Because his mother, a Tamayori princess, was sacrificed, he is strongly against the sacrifice tradition.
Ryou Kutani (狗谷遼 Kutani Ryō?)
Voiced by: Kazunori Nomiya (Japanese), Leraldo Anzaldua (English)
He is in the same year as Tamaki and Takuma but he is actually one year older than them. He is a lone wolf and does as he pleases. He has a penchant for sniffing Tamaki which is due to his powers. It is later revealed that he is actually a member of the Inukai household who would have been the Inukai Guardian however his mother hid his existence.


Aria Rozenburg (アリア・ローゼンブルグ?)
Voiced by: Tomomi Isomura (Japanese), Hilary Haag (English)

A young girl with long blonde hair and blue eyes. Aria believes that she is the sacred maiden blessed by God. She can neutralize all magical attacks and bless spirits. Aria speaks in an adult-like manner but sometimes acts like a child (though she denies she is one).

Eins (オーナー?)/ Leif Helluland
Voiced by: Hiroki Yasumoto (Japanese), Chris Hutchison (English)

An aide to Aria. His codename is one in German. He has super strength and specializes in close range combat. He is very protective of Aria and is connected to her. He died protecting her from Drei.

Zwei (ツヴァイ?)/ Hugo Stingrail
Voiced by: Yoshihisa Kawahara (Japanese), Adam Gibbs (English)

An aide to Aria. His codename is two in German. Zwei fights with a scythe and likes to eat his opponents' souls. Mahiro calls him "death-god".

Drei (ドライ?)/ Magus Melchizedek
Voiced by: Yōji Ueda (Japanese), Rob Mungle (English)

An aide to Aria. His codename is three in German. Drei is a magician and can summon dark spirits to fight. He is not the original Drei. He is very interested in research and regards his opponents as potential research subjects. His loyalty to Logos is unsure and a mystery. He is later revealed to be one of the four wisemen of Logos.

Vier (フィーア?)
Voiced by: Sayaka Ohara (Japanese), Shelley Calene-Black (English)

The only female aide to Aria and the one she trusts the most. Out of all her subordinates Vier was the only one chosen by Aria herself and is a skilled tactician. She is also Fiona-sensei. She reminds Oomi of his mother but is actually a clone of Oomi's mother created by the four wiseman.

Fünf (フェンフ?)

Funf is another name for Shinji.


Mitsuru Kotokura (言蔵美鶴?)
Voiced by: Chihiro Aikawa (Japanese), Rebekah Stevens (English)
A girl that works at the shrine. She is very polite and can appear emotionless and doll-like. Mitsuru is also a very good cook and is good at housework. She has the power to create invisible barriers. Tamaki, when caught in her barrier at one point, comments that it feels like mizu-ame (a kind of syrup). She seems to have feelings for Shinji, but in the second season it turns out that she is Shinji's twin sister.
A fox spirit Tamaki receives. It can be named by the player. Travels in Tamaki's shadows and comes out at her calling. It likes curling up and sleeping in warm places.
Fiona Ashiuma (フィオナ先生?)
Voiced by: Sayaka Ohara (Japanese), Shelley Calene-Black (English)
Fiona is the English teacher at Tamaki's school. She has long blonde hair and looks like she comes from Hollywood while appearing to be of German origin. Her true form is Vier from Logos.
Kiyono Takara (多家良清乃?)
Voiced by: Suzuko Mimori (Japanese), Brittney Karbowski (English)
A classmate of Tamaki that befriends her. Kiyono makes money from making straw voodoo dolls. In the second season, it is revealed that she works with Ashiya, as he is not her uncle. She is actually 23, despite looking younger.
Masataka Ashiya (芦屋正隆?)
Voiced by: Yoshikazu Nagano (Japanese), David Wald (English)
A mysterious man Tamaki and the guardians meet early on at the shrine and Kiyono's boss. Ashiya says he is a businessman. He is interested in reading palms and faces. He loves eating rice crackers.

Development and release[edit]

Hiiro no Kakera was developed by Idea Factory and released on July 6, 2006 for the PlayStation 2 (PS2) as the first in the Hiiro no Kakera series. The next two games were released in 2007 and the PS2: Hiiro no Kakera: Ano Sora no Shita de (緋色の欠片 ~あの空の下で~?) on February 15 and Hisui no Shizuku: Hiiro no Kakera 2 (翡翠の雫 緋色の欠片2?) on August 9. Shin Hisui no Shizuku: Hiiro no Kakera 2 (真・翡翠の雫 緋色の欠片2?) followed on October 1, 2009 for the PS2, and was later ported to the PlayStation Portable (PSP) on August 19, 2010 and the Nintendo DS (NDS) on June 16, 2011. Soukoku no Kusabi: Hiiro no Kakera 3 (蒼黒の楔 緋色の欠片3?) was released on August 7, 2008 for the PS2, and was later ported to the PSP on April 15, 2010 and the NDS on August 25, 2011.

Hiiro no Kakera: Shin Tamayori Hime Denshou (ヒイロノカケラ 新玉依姫伝承?) was released for the PS2 on October 1, 2009 and was later ported to the PSP on September 30, 2010. Hiiro no Kakera Aizouban: Akane Iro no Tsuioku (緋色の欠片 愛蔵版 ~あかねいろの追憶~?) was the first game in the series released on the PlayStation 3 (PS3) on May 26, 2011. Hiiro no Kakera: Shin Tamayori Hime Denshou - Piece of Future (ヒイロノカケラ 新玉依姫伝承 -Piece of Future-?) followed on the PSP on July 14, 2011. Sokoku no Kusabi: Hiiro no Kakera 3 - Ashita e no Tobira (蒼黒の楔 緋色の欠片3 明日への扉?) was released for the PSP on May 17, 2012. Shirahana no Ori: Hiiro no Kakera 4 (白華の檻 ~緋色の欠片4~?), set in the Heian period unlike the rest of the installments, was released also for the PSP in September 20, 2012. A fandisc for the 4th game has been announced.


A 13-episode anime[1] television series adaptation aired between April 1 and June 24, 2012. The series is directed by Bob Shirohata and produced by Studio Deen. The opening theme is "Nee" by Maiko Fujita. The ending theme is "Kono Te de Idaki Tomeru kara" by Shuhei Kita. Both themes were released as singles by Lantis in 2012. A second season began airing on October 1, 2012 and the opening theme is called Takanaru (高鳴る) performed by Maiko Fujita and the ending theme is called Kimi Dake wo (君だけを) by Shuhei Kita.

Both seasons were streamed on CrunchyRoll.[2][3]

Episode list[edit]

Hiiro no Kakera[edit]

No. Title Original airdate
1 "Tamayori Princess"   April 1, 2012
It's the time of year when the trees turn red. Tamaki Kasuga, an ordinary high school student, goes to live with her grandmother in the Kasuga Family home while her parents are overseas for work. Tamaki arrives at Kifu village, surrounded by nature. Her childhood memories guide her towards her grandmother's house but she is immediately attacked by monsters. The one who saves her is the surly boy, Takuma Onizaki 
2 "Determined First Step"   April 8, 2012
From her grandmother, Shizuki, Tamaki succeeds as the Tamayori princess to protect the Onikirimaru. Tamaki is puzzled, but surrounded by her guardians, Takuma Onizaki, Mahiro Atori, Yuichi Komura, Suguru Ohmi, who protect her from danger. Tamaki tries to find out what the Tamayori princess is and what the Onikirimaru is 
3 "The Five Guardians"   April 15, 2012
The one who catches Tamaki as she nearly falls is the fifth member of the Shugogo house, Shinji Inukai. Despite their joyful reunion, Tamaki thinks it strange that Takuma and the others don't welcome her. Meanwhile, the five guardians head off patrol the five items which seal the Onikirimaru. Tamaki begins to worry and experiences a sudden headache. 
4 "The Holy Woman's Advent"   April 22, 2012
Tamaki and the guardians discuss about the people they saw earlier. Yuichi comments that their names are the numbers from 1-4 in German, they find out that whenever Tamaki gets a headache it means that someone is trying to break through the seal barrier. The group decides to go to Suguru to ask him about the artifacts. After school, at Suguru's house, he offers them tea and tells them about the artifacts and that the artifacts originally belonged to the Tamayori princess. The artifacts are decorative things consist of a ring, mirror, necklace, bracelet and the bells. These five make the barrier and seal the onikirimaru which no one can break but the Tamayori princess and the guardians. Before the group leaves, those people come to take one of the artifacts which causes Tamaki to feel pain in her heart and the guardians go to prevent them from breaking the seal. They encounter a little girl with blond hair who appears to be Aria Rosenberg who claims to be the incarnation of Monado Cephelot accompanied by the people who name themselves the Logos. The two groups fight which ends with the Logos defeating the guardians easily and Aria takes the bracelet which causes Tamaki to feel a great pain in her heart and the guardians lying on the ground and cannot do anything to prevent them from taking the artifact. Takuma on a desperate attempt tries to retrieve the bracelet but it is all in vain. 
5 "The Two Tasks"   April 29, 2012
Tamaki and her guardians fail to defend the first seal, and it falls victim to Logos and their leader, Aria. As the situation turns worse, Shizuki urges Tamaki to release the Tamayori princess within her. 
6 "The Course of the Battle"   May 6, 2012
Tamaki and the Guardian begins their second fight against Logos to protect the second seal. 
7 "The Breaking of Bonds"   May 13, 2012
After their loss to Logos and the second seal, Tamaki was in depression because she was no help to the Guardians. As Ashiya makes his move to help the Guardians, Aria and Vier starts to question Drei's loyalties to Logos. 
8 "The Prediction of the Bureau of Medicine"   May 20, 2012
Tamaki decides to have Ashiya's assistance, much to the Guardians' disapproval. When looking through the archives, Tamaki hears a voice that may be of help. Mahiro reveals a secret about Logos that he hid from everyone for her grandmother's sake. 
9 "The Rumbling of the Earth"   May 27, 2012
While reading the books in storage, Tamaki finds a key information that may help her guardians. Meanwhile Drei finds a way to attack Tamaki while under house arrest, only to be stopped by Fiona who is revealed to be Vier. 
10 "The Guardians' Feelings"   June 3, 2012
After Aria punishes Ein, Zwei and Drei, she plans on imprisoning Drei for disobeying her. Meanwhile, the guardians all decide to live with Tamaki to protect her. 
11 "The Demon's Tradition"   June 10, 2012
Aria and Vier find out their superiors are acting strange. Meanwhile, Tamaki and the others continue to research the history of the Tamayori princess and came across something important about Mahiro's bloodline and the truth of Takuma's lineage. 
12 "Time for Battle"   June 17, 2012
Tamaki and the guardians prepare for the battle to protect the last two artifacts from Logos. However, they end up losing and the whole forest starts turning over to the dark side. 
13 "The Power of the Onikirimaru"   June 24, 2012
Tamaki and the guardians, desperate not to let Logos get the katana that holds Onikirimaru, stand up and fight with the rest of their strength and are prepared for the worst. Tamaki awakens as the Tamayori Princcess and saves Takuma from himself. This in turn helps Takuma to control the power of the katana. 

Hiiro no Kakera: Dai Ni Shō[edit]

No. Title Original airdate
1 "The Tamayori's Fate"   October 1, 2012
Tamaki enjoys the time of peace after the Onikirimaru incident and recap her memories from first season. 
2 "Ominous Dark Clouds"   October 7, 2012
Takuma starts to feel effect of Onikirimaru's presence. As Tamaki's grandmother was still going through with the ceremonial sacrifice, Suguru does the unthinkable. Shinji's past is unveiled and also his connection to the Logos. 
3 "The Traitor's Vow"   October 14, 2012
After Suguru defected, Tamaki and the other guardians try to cope with what happened. Shinji goes see Aria again, while Ryou takes things into his own hands. Ashiya starts to become more involved. 
4 "The Destruction of the Five Houses"   October 21, 2012
After escaping Logos, the guardians are not in their best mood. The mountain god reveals more light to Onikirimaru... and Takuma's condition. Drei grows impatience and asks Suguru to lead him to the Onikirimaru but they encounter Mahiro and Yuichi on their way. 
5 "The Truth of Tears"   October 28, 2012
Suguru fights with Mahiro and Yuichi. Takuma is sent away and Tamaki is put on house arrest. Shinji learns a secret from Tamaki's grandmother that changes the way he feels for Mitsuru. 
6 "The Deceitful Heart"   November 4, 2012
Aria converses with Suguru about the Artifacts, while Takuma and Tamaki comes to terms with their situation. 
7 "Memory of a Dream"   November 11, 2012
Tamaki learns the truth about Onikirimaru and the Tamayori Princess's fate. 
8 "Their Resolution"   November 18, 2012
Tamaki and Takuma makes a run from the shrine. Eins's past is revealed. 
9 "The Eternal Promise"   November 25, 2012
Kiyono and Ryou reveals more of the truth to Tamaki and Takuma. The Guardians reevalute their situation while Drei decides to move on his own. 
10 "The Power of the Gods"   December 2, 2012
Eins reveals the true reasons of why he is protecting Aria. 
11 "Scarlet Fragaments"
"Hiiro No Kakera"  
December 9, 2012
Takuma is willing sacrifice his life for Tamaki's. However, a deceit lies around the corner. 
12 "The Guardians' Awakening"   December 16, 2012
Takuma is in control of his power. The Guardians retrieve the Artifacts thanks to Aria. With the truth and lies out of the way, there is one thing left to do....fight Logos and take back Onikirimaru!!! 
13 "The Eternal Pledge"   December 23, 2012
Drei has Onikirimaru and brings forth hell on Earth. Both guardians and former enemies must prevent the end of the world. 


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