Hijas de Cuauhtémoc

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Hijas de Cuauhtémoc was a student Chicana feminist newspaper founded in 1971 by Anna Nieto-Gómez and Adelaida Castillo while both were students at California State University, Long Beach.[1]

Named after "a Mexican feminist organization that worked against the Porfirio Díaz dictatorship in Mexico", Hijas de Cuauhtémoc focused on issues specific to Chicanas, such as gender and sexuality.[2] Despite running for only a few issues, the magazine's "coverage of the social and economic marginalization of Chicanas in American society, and of the perpetuation of historical and contemporary stereotypes of Chicanas, provide critical documents of [the early 1970s]".[1] In the spring of 1973, Hijas de Cuauhtémoc became the scholarly feminist journal, Encuentro Femenil, but publication ended within two years.[1]

Other activists and contributors to Hijas de Cuauhtémoc include Sylvia Castillo, Leticia Hernandez, and Corinne Sanchez.[3]


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