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Hijitus pichichus.png
Hijitus and his dog, Pichichus.
Publication information
Publisher Editorial García Ferré
First appearance Aventuras de Pi-Pío
on Billiken
First comic appearance Aventuras de Hijitus
Created by Manuel García Ferré [1]
In-story information
Species Human
Place of origin Trulalá
Partnerships Pichichus, Oaky, Larguirucho
Notable aliases Súper Hijitus
Abilities Super-strength, flying
Statue of Súper Hijitus (Hijitus alter ego) at the "Paseo de la Historieta" of Buenos Aires.

Hijitus is a comic superhero created by Manuel García Ferré. He was the central character of the action-comedy animated series The Adventures of Hijitus which was broadcast on Argentina between 1967 and 1974. The TV series is frequently re-transmitted on Argentinian television as many Argentinians perceive it as nostalgic.

Hijitus lives inside the Manuel Garcia Ferre universe shared with many other characters like Anteojito, Larguirucho, and others.

Hijitus lives inside a giant pipe in the outskirts of town with his dog Pichichus. For Argentinian popular culture "living inside a pipe" is analogous to being poor, so this means that Hijitus economic situation is bad. He does possess, however, a magical hat that allows him to convert into a superhero with multiple powers.


Both the comic and series have a similar, simple structure. Hijitus is a poor good-hearted kid that fights against Professor Neurus (a mad scientist)' evil plans, transforming into a superhero named Super Hijitus and acts to fix the issues. A recurrent theme was Neurus trying to steal Hijitus' magic hat, for possessing his powers, only to ending falling and ending on jail.

Powers and abilities[edit]

Hijitus is a normal human being. However, whenever he uses his hat, he transforms into Super Hijitus, a super hero with super strength, super speed, super endurance and other occasional super powers like super breath or heat vision, similar to Superman.


The first animated appearance of the character, named Las Aventuras de Hijitus, made its debut on TV in 1967.[2] On 12 September 1973, a movie with the same name, was released on cinemas. Hijitus had also a comic book, edited in 1970.


  • Súper Hijitus
  • Pichichus
  • El Comisario
  • Professor Neurus
  • Pucho
  • Serrucho
  • Larguirucho
  • Oaky
  • Gold Silver


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