Hikari Station

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Hikari Station
Hikari Station.JPG
Hikari Station
Prefecture Yamaguchi
(See other stations in Yamaguchi)
City Hikari
Neighborhood Nijigahama 3
Opened 1912
Former name Nijigahama Station
Present name since 1941
Rail services
Operator(s) JR West
Line(s) San'yō Main Line

Hikari Station (光駅 Hikari Eki?) is operated by JR West on the Sanyō Main Line in Hikari, Yamaguchi. The station is located in the Nijigahama area of Hikari, on the northwest side of the city. Nijigahama Beach (虹ヶ浜 Nijigahama?) is located nearby.


  • April 11, 1912: Station opens, named Nijigahama Station (虹ヶ浜駅)
  • February 1, 1941: Station is renamed "Hikari Station"
  • July 5, 1983: Present station building is constructed
  • April 1, 1987: Station operation is taken over by JR West after privatization of Japanese National Railways
  • April 2, 1994: Monument art in the station square is completed


The station has five tracks, with two tracks devoted to passenger use. The tracks are numbered 2-6, since track 1 was removed for handicap access construction. The station building connects directly to an island platform where track 2 is found. Track 3 also has been removed. Tracks 5 and 6 are served by the second island platform. The station building is located on the south side of the station, and the crossover connecting the two platforms is on the east side of the station.


2  Sanyō Main Line Tokuyama ・ Hōfu ・ Shin-Yamaguchi
4  Sanyō Main Line (passing)
5  Sanyō Main Line Yanai ・ Iwakuni ・ Hiroshima
6  Sanyō Main Line Not currently in regular use

Adjacent stations[edit]

West Japan Railway (JR West)

Sanyō Main Line
Shimata - Hikari - Kudamatsu

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Coordinates: 33°58′29″N 131°54′52″E / 33.9746°N 131.9145°E / 33.9746; 131.9145