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(Chō-Tokkyū Hikarian)
Genre Mecha
Original video animation
Heroic Super-Express Hikarian
Directed by Hiroyuki Fukushima
Chikae Kuwahara
Produced by Iori Suzuki
Written by Hiroyuki Fukushima
Music by Takumi Kusanagi
Studio Artmic
Released 1996
Episodes 3
Anime television series
Japan Hikarian Railroad
Directed by Shuichi Kazuyuki Hirokawa
Yoshikata Nitta
Produced by Tomy
Iori Suzuki
Written by Toshiki Inoue
Hideki Shirane
Music by Yuzo Hayashi
Studio Tokyo Kids Co.,Ltd.
Original network TV Tokyo
Original run April 2, 1997March 29, 2000
Episodes 156
Anime television series
Lightning Attack Express
Directed by Hideaki Ōba
Produced by Tomy
Iori Suzuki
Written by Toshiki Inoue
Music by Yuzo Hayashi
Studio Toho
Tokyo Kids Co.,Ltd.
Licensed by
Original network TV Tokyo
Original run April 1, 2001March 31, 2002
Episodes 52
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Hikarian (ヒカリアン?), also called Hikarian: Great Railroad Protector, is a Japanese anime and toy franchise by Tomy.

The first television series, Chō Tokkyū Hikarian (超特急ヒカリアン?, lit. "Super Express Hikarian"), is about a series of bullet trains that are turned into robots. The robots, along with two humans named Tetsuyuki Shinbashi (新橋 テツユキ Shinbashi Tetsuyuki) and Minayo Kanda (神田 ミナヨ Kanda Minayo), have to stop an alien invasion.

A second television series, Denkō Chō-Tokkyū Hikarian (電光超特急ヒカリアン?, lit. "Ultra Lightning Express Hikarian"), was later created. The new series stars a new Hikarian, Lightning West, and a new human lead, Kenta Hijiribashi (聖橋 ケンタ Hijiribashi Kenta).

Enoki Films has licensed the series for an English release. The company has suggested name changes (e.g. Tetsuyuki becomes Terry and Minayo becomes Mina) but the series is not yet[when?] available in English, and Enoki may sublicense the series to another company who may decide to keep the original Japanese names, use Enoki's suggested English names, or use original English names.


The main characters in Hikarian are the Hikarians who fight against the Blatcher gang and their plan operation Darkness. All of the characters, except the Black Express, are based on real life trains. Interestingly, the series depicts them operating as normal trains during times of peace.


  • Nozomi: The most dynamic hero of the entire Hikarian members. He is full of fighting spirit. He uses a shield and sword.
  • Tsubasa: He is very sharp and agile even in narrow places or on highlands.
  • Max: The biggest Hikarian. He has strong muscles and uses a huge hammer.
  • Hikari: The Captain of Hikarians. Always resourceful and calm.
  • Windash: He is a test car called "Win 350." He possesses the power to see the future.
  • E2 Jet: He flies at tremendous speed. He scrambles to rescue friends like fighter planes. He uses turbine lasers that pack a punch.
  • Police-Win: Patrol Train of the Railroad Police. He uses a laser that helps him sticky situations.
  • Fire N'ex: Fire Engine of the Railroad.
  • Sniper Sonic: Defense Force of railroad. He has a big cannon.
  • Dr. 300X: A test car. He is a very intelligent scientist and invents special cars.
  • Nankai Rapi:t: A ninja Hikarian. He uses a ninja sword with a shuriken shield. His attacks are super fast and ninja style.
  • Azusa: The rescue car of the railroad.
  • West: A most advanced super express. He runs on rails at the highest speed in the world. The wing sensor on his back gives him the power to search the time tunnel. Main character of the second series. Can combine with Sky Garuda to form Lightning Garuda.
  • Doctor Yellow: An engineer of Hikarian Headquarters. He assists Dr. 300X.
  • E3 Racer
  • E4 Power: Max's friend
  • Yamabiko and K-kun
  • Kodama: Oldest of the Hikarians.
  • STAR21: Experimental engineer
  • Buster Seven
  • Eurostar Blue Euro
  • Hitachi Brothers
  • Odakyū Romancecar
  • Skyliner
  • Rescue: American Hikarian Road Fire Engine.
  • Hikarian X/Shadow X: Combines with Sphinx and Nazca to form God X.


  • Tetsuyuki Shinbashi (新橋 テツユキ Shinbashi Tetsuyuki) / Terry : A train maniac. He is a good friend of the Hikarians.
  • Minayo Kanda (神田 ミナヨ Kanda Minayo) / Mina : Terry's girlfriend.

Blatcher Gang[edit]

  • Black Express: The boss of the Blatcher Gang. He uses an electric maces and most times hides in black smoke.
  • Dozilas: The henchmen of Black Express. They have a mild heart and likes to play with children.
  • Wookary: A careless and daydreaming guy.
  • Silver Express Mastermind of the Blatcher Gang.
  • Smoke Jo: The gigantic locomotive made by the Blatchers. When it passes by, everything will turns totally black.
  • Baron Euro
  • Star

Chinese CGI knockoff[edit]

In January 2011 it was announced Pat Lee would be working with Carloon Animation to create a CGI cartoon about trains called Train Hero (高铁侠).[1] In July 2011, Chinese viewers of previews were shocked that it was a shot-for-shot knockoff of Hikarian.[2][3] After Pat Lee got sued by TV Tokyo & Takara Tomy when they found out and got really shocked about this Chinese cartoon being an absolute Rip-off of Hikarian[citation needed], Pat Lee created a revised version called Train Heroes (トレインヒーロー) began airing in Japan on April, 2013.[4]


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